Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Well, it may just a short one for me today...

Yesterday, I was driving home from work... A nice 1.5 (up to 3) hour trek down the beltway... It's not fun... especially when it's topping a very long, frusterating day at work... (We're in the middle of a move to a new office building, plus I have about a zillion HUGE projects going on - I used to think I was an excellent multitasker, now I know better!)

So anyway, I'm watching my gas needle fall closer and closer to E and I'd moved about 5 miles in 15 minutes... (and for any other beltway veterans out there, you know this is actually a pretty good pace for rush hour). I'm frusterated, out of cigarettes and without my CDs (the boy's borrowing them to burn some)... Needless to say I am in a horrible mood and I know I'll be stuck the same way for at least another hour.

But suddenly, I get that feeling that I'm being watched... Not so much an eerie feeling, like in a scary movie, but more of an exhilerating one... it was a little bit exciting, to be honest... I check my rearview mirror... nothing out of the ordinary... But I glance to the right, out of my passenger window and - BAM!! - staring back at me is a HOTTIE who happens to be driving beside me.

All feelings of frusteration automatically melt away as I give a doubleglance and let a coy, "I see you", smile slide up the right corner of my mouth. I look away... and then back... we both laugh... We're a temporary match made in heaven... This continues for several miles and about 20 minutes until, alas, my lane picks up its pace and I pass the boy forever...

It took me 40 minutes to get home after that... but I surely wasn't craving a cig quite as bad - and I didn't mind listening to just the radio at all! I suppose my point is that road-flirtation (or my new coined term: commu-flirting) helps to make the commute home bearable.

And it's safe enought that even those in relationships can enjoy it as well. It's harmless... I mean, Lord knows, most people would never give their numbers out or pursue anything with anyone that happened to be on the road next to them, flirting - no matter how attractive the commu-flirter may be (because believe me, the boy yesterday was a regular adonis)... and yet, when you drive on, as you eventually must (~sigh~), commu-flirting will leave you in a much uplifted mood and traffic never seems quite as bad...

PS - guess this wasn't too short after all :-)


At 1:27 PM, Blogger LOST said...

Wow Sassy, I never knew that the miserable commute to work could consist of drama and romance. I guess anything helps pass the time right?


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