Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The D.C. Dress Code

Let's face it, D.C. is not known for it's fashion. Walking down M street every morning and evening I can't help but cringe at some of the outfits I am forced to glance at as people pass by. I have come to the conclusion that D.C.'s dress code consists of two colors for all seasons: black and navy blue. We are made fun of by other cities for our lack of fashion sense and boring dark suits worn all year long for those "business casual" work environments. One would think that in a city of such class, art, and structure that people would absorb into the mold that was laid upon this historically powerful and professional city. What I see is a city of potential. We don't dress in ultra skimpy, offensive clothing to work. We are shy, cautious, and conservative in choosing an appropriate outfit. We simply are safe. In a city where power and egos rule, it should be acceptable to occasionally venture out of our jet black suits by adding a bit of flare, such as a pink scarf around the neck or boasting colored, pointy shoes. Our First Lady, Laura Bush, and even the First Daughters, Barbara and Jenna Bush, have set the bar high for fashion and style in the city. We have yet to take after that. Not risque dressing, per se, but adding a bit of personality into the wardrobe would boost your confidence and make others crave to be around you. The leading women in our city have taken the risk to do so, and have set the example for the rest of us to follow. A revolution for the D.C. dress code is in the works, and we have the power to brighten up this "dull" city and show others that we too, know good fashion.

If you aren't sure that you might be a victim of D.C. contagious fashion mishaps, this might help: http://www.mistupid.com/fashion/

For an article about business casual dress in the office: http://www.canoe.ca/LifewiseWorkOffice00/1030_dress_ap.html