Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Just call me Ms. Morbid...

Peter Jennings, ABC's World News Tonight anchor and senior editor, announced today that he has lung cancer. He will be recieving out patient treatment next week. This news is minor compared to that of the events and deaths of last week. As if Terri Schiavo and Johnnie Cochran were keeping the media and public busy enough, the Pope passed away Saturday evening at the Vatican. How perfectly fitting for that old saying of "famous people die in threes."

Since it appears that some of our most highly publicized figures and faces are dropping like flies, what better time than to introduce SolidAlliance Corp's new Ghostradar - a ghost detector that flashes and beeps when it senses unusual magnetic waves. They will be making their apperance in the U.S. soon, and have already set foot in Japan. For those who want to get in touch with the "other side" - or need to consult Johnnie Cochran for your next trial - it might come useful. Otherwise, it looks like it's just going to be another good chew toy for your dog.

And lastly, I couldn't help but read on Kelly Ann Collin's about the celebrities who have herpes. As if we aren't celebrity obsessed enough, but now we have their VD's on public display. Now if that doesn't make you happy that you aren't famous, I don't know what will.


At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Lauren B. said...

Hey, don't forget that Frank Perdue recently passed away too. I consider that a great loss for Americans. In fact, my friend asked me today why a flag was at half-mast, and I said, "probably for Frank Perdue."


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