Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Something Worthwhile for a change

This summer, my friend Rob (a very old article & picture) is going to be working, with his brother, for a company called Art Works Football Club (AWFC) - with Urban Ministry.

Here's the basic rundown, it's a Charlotte, NC based organization that supports a soccer team planning on representing the United States in the 2005 World Cup.

Here's the catch: it's a team of people who are (or once were) homeless, and the World Cup I'm writing of is the Homeless World Cup, taking place in July 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Homeless World Cup has been participated in, around the world since July 2003. It's "an international event that uses the positive power of football to raise the issue of homelessness and poverty worldwide ... Kick off homelessness! Viva el futbol!" <quote from here> (Obviously the term "football" is referring to what we call soccer...)

The first Homeless World Cup took place in Sweden, with teams from 18 countries playing a total of 109 games. More than 20,000 spectators came to watch. The 2005 Homeless World Cup is estimated to have 32 teams, comprised of over 250 players from around the world.

What an absolutely fantastic organization.

"The main target of the HWC is to utilize the international interest for

  • the raise of the profile of the issue of homelessness and poverty worldwide
  • the support of the international movement of streetpapers by sponsorship contracts and media marketing
  • the promotion of social integration through sport projects in the participating countries"

<quote from here>

Find out how you can support it here. It is a 100% worthwhile cause!


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