Monday, May 23, 2005

Bruised, Blistered, and Beautiful!

Hey, at least us Washingtonian's aren't into Chinese Foot Binding!

I always say that the shoes you wear make the outfit, but why are women's shoes so damn painful? After a night out on the town, I come home in pain, my battle wounds in full bloom. I am constantly rubbing Neosporin on my blisters. I sit here and write this as I am wearing open-toed high-healed shoes to work, but at the same time I'd much rather be sitting here with sore feet than not have a well-put-together outfit. I have a love/hate relationship with my feet, and the shoes I decorate them with. And here's why:

Women and their shoes have a dark, deep history.

Have you ever heard of Chinese Foot Binding? Women would get surgery on their feet so that they may better fit their shoes. It sounds sick and looks painful, but that's the price you pay to look nice. Our past shows that not much as changed - we will go to drastic measures to look cute in our Jimmy Choos.

A shoe defines a woman's outfit - and says a lot about her personality.

A high healed shoe usually means the girl is high matience, and enjoys attention. Flat shoes say she is simple and reserved. Of course, this is just my opinion, not fact. Heals and flats go in and out of style, just as women's personality and temperament changes frequently (Hello, can we say that time of the month?!) The type of shoe also depends on the woman's sense of style and if they go along with the outfit she is wearing. Remember when UGG boots were in style? Does anyone even know why?!

Men don't give a rat's ass about women's shoes.

Not. At. All. Don't ever ask your boyfriend what a Manolo Blahnik is. They don't look at your feet and say, "Why, sweetie, those are such cute little BGBG pumps! They make your outfit look stellar!" Shoes are for your personal pride, enjoyment, and confidence, not your significant other's. A good boyfriend/male friend will support your undercover obsession, but they don't need to know the details. (Just like you have no business knowing the details of guys night out.)

It's a high price for pain.

Manolo's easily run up to $700. Sadly, I have yet to buy my first pair. I find myself drooling online over different colors and designs of the beloved high-fashion products, and am anxiously awaiting the day when I have a pair to call my own. But I do own plenty other pairs of shoes that are just as beautiful, and even more painful.

I read one of the series of Confessions of a Shopoholic by Sophia Kinsella, where the main character, Becky, mentions a look given by Manhattan women, called the "Manhattan Once-over." A woman looks another woman up and down and sums her up by her outfit fropm head to toe.

In D.C., the "once-over" is rarely used, for the mere fact that much of this city is fashion-impaired and lacks creative style. But if I were to use a "DC once-over," the first thing I would look at would be the shoes on a woman's feet. Shoes can sometimes just say it all.

Where to shoe shop in the city? Georgetown, Georgetown, Georgetown! There you can find BCBG (my personal favorite, and affordable) and Steve Madden, along with many other unique shops that carry the perfect shoe for you, and maybe, (gasp!) you might even find a comfortable pair. Happy hunting!

*Note to men: Although this was a non-interesting and non-topical story for you to read, supporting your female friends shoe obsession is perfectly acceptable, and always preferred. Compliments are not mandatory, but recommended.


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