Monday, May 09, 2005

DC's Finest...

So how about this past Sunday:

I'm traveling from DC to Fairfax to see my mom for Mother's Day. I'm innocently driving down 14th Street, when a cop pulls up behind me and puts his lights on... No sirens though. I'm trying to figure out if he's pulling me over - what do you do with lights but no sirens? So I pull over just in case. And apparently he was pulling me over because he stopped behind me. Naturally, I get a little nervous, but I know I wasn't speeding (I'd recently been lectured by the boy about my tendency to drive "like a bat out of hell" in DC, so I was making a conscious effort to watch how fast I was driving - a trend that will probably last about a week for me). I'm wondering if I have a break light out or something.

Well, the cop walks up to my car and I ask the usual, "Is there a problem officer?", with butterflies dancing the freaking macarena in my stomach. And you will never believe what he answered:

"No, you're not getting a ticket or anything, but this is the third time I've seen you driving through here and this time I HAD to ask if you're seeing anyone."

Completely shocked, I started laughing - and explained that yes, I was dating someone. I then pointed out (seriously, but in a light and teasing tone, because - hey, he was in uniform) that we were in DC... and did he know how many crimes had just been committed in the time he pulled me over to hit on me?

I have to wonder how often this guy pulls this little stunt... I know it can't just have been with me - as I was in sweats with no make up... completely embarassed to even be seen in public.

And for anyone wondering... had I been looking, the cop could have been cute, in a nerdy sort of way, but not my type and definitely too old for me. (At least 10-15 years older...)

My point here though is how ridiculous it is that cops in DC can't find better things to do with their time - such as FIGHTING CRIME - than pulling girls over for numbers... I'm sure his mother would have been so proud on Mother's Day, knowing her cop son was out there hitting on girls instead of making the world a safer place...


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