Friday, May 20, 2005

Fabulous Fifteen Minutes

I know Lil DC Diva already posted about this but I still want to add my two cents...

Although arriving (very) late and leaving early (due to a parking garage situation) these two butterflies managed to fly from their cocoons and land smack dab in the middle of a fantastic party.

Not sure what to expect, we walked in and found a bar full of people, everyone with drinks in hand. Smiling faces 'round the house (I saw NO hating) and let me tell ya kids, we've got some mighty attractive dc bloggers in these parts... A few of which include, The Senator from
Cleveland Parks Men's Club, V from Circle V, Luke & Kelly from Washington Socialites, and let's not forget the host with the most, the DC Bachelor.

It was a fabulous time... we're definitely looking forward to the next :)


At 8:31 PM, Anonymous WISH I HAD GONE said...

you guys are hot. saw that pictur.

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