Thursday, May 26, 2005

Good morning :)

So last night I went and hung out with the fam to watch the season finale of LOST. (I managed to catch most of the episodes this season, when I wasn't out on Wednesday nights, and got pretty hooked.)

I stayed the night there and hung out with my sisters (one of whom just got back from college for the summer). And this morning, at 5:30 right as my alarm was set to go off, my sister Liz popped up and surprised me with Starbucks. What a great sister and way to start my day!

And then I was thinking (while wired with caffiene) on the way to work this morning... Although there are rare exceptions, like the Senator (from CPMC)
walking 20 blocks in the rain to see his lady, you just don't hear about a lot of people going out of their way to do small nice gestures anymore. So have you? If not, it's something to think about. If so, here's your chance to let us know! Leave a comment & tell your sweet story :)

P.S. This morning's nice surprise from Liz also made me realize how much I would love to have an assistant to do these types of things for me every day. Interested? I'd pay you... well, nothing - but it could still be fun!

Any takers?




At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you ever go out? I have yet to see a blog on any hot spot in DC.

At 11:00 AM, Blogger Sara said...

We're out all the time :) Just haven't had anything too exciting/funny happen while out recently.

However, per request, we'll start blogging about our nightlife as well

At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sara: Where are the hip places to be this weekend?

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Sara said...

Well, seeing as it's Memorial Day weekend, I would first recommend the beach! Or who can beat a cook out with friends before hitting all the bars downtown?

Otherwise, check out the parades, the free pbs concert... There was going to be the Taste of DC, but it was cancelled...

If you like to shop there will be SALES everywhere.

I wouldn't quite call Memorial Day "hip", however there will be plenty going on in DC to ensure that you have a good time and to support everyone who serves this country!

Maybe look for a blog with more on this later today... :)

PS, start your weekend off tonight and go out to the Summer & Memorial Day Weekend Kickoff Party which benefits Citizens Helping Heroes & Our Military Families. (Read about it on CPMC)

At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sara: Great ideas but I want to know what BARS to go to this weekend.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Sara said...

Check out and I'm sure you will stumble over something that fits your tastes.

It really depends on what you're looking for - but in DC there's always something for everyone.

You'll always find a (young-to-mid20s) crowd in Adams Morgan (Saki, Felix, Tom Tom's, Brass Monkey, Madam's Organ) You could also try H20, Waterfront, Avenue. L and M streets have Recessions (I think they're having a pay $20 for an open bar thing on Saturday), Mackeys, and little dive bars (Sign of the Whale and Madhatters), Rumors, LuLu's, McFaddens.

For something a little more upscale try Teatro Goldoni or Bistro Bis...

There's a smorgasbord of bars all around... If you're not satisfied at one, chances are you can walk right next door and have a blast at the next.

I hope you enjoy a fun weekend out on the town. I'm working all weekend, so drink one for me! :-)

At 12:15 PM, Anonymous cjt said...

Sara, many warm thanks for the mention of Citizens Helping Heroes.

Kind regards.


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