Thursday, May 26, 2005

Memorial Day - It's More Than You Think.

After reading some comments on Sara's last posting, I felt that this needed to be said:

Memorial Day is not just any other weekend to go out and hit up the "hip" DC bars and get drunk with friends or making an "appearance" here or there. (I can do that any other weekend.)

It's not about visiting the beach or any other sunny spots. (I'm working on Monday.)

For me, Memorial Day actually serves meaning and purpose in my life. (And I hope after reading this it will for yours too!)

I usually tend to think a lot for myself, about my upcoming plans, where I am going to go, what I am going to wear, who I am going to go with, what I am going to drink. We all do this. After all - we're young, hip, fun, energized, and ready to take on the world (or just D.C. for that matter!)

But I am glad that we have this day, this weekend, to reflect on why I am allowed to experience my 22-year-old life to the fullest. I'm thankful that we live in a city that constantly recognizes our fallen soliders, but I sometimes feel that we forget how privledged we are to be able to live the way we do.

This is not a pity posting or a sympathy cry. That's the last thing that I want to come out of this. But for everyone who has great, extravegant plans this weekend, please think about why you do: Because the people who have faithfully served our coutry have made it possible.

I'm thankful that bloggers in D.C. are advertising the Heros Happy Hour tonight sponsered by Citizens Helping Heros, a great way to start your memorable weekend. If there is any way we can show support to our military and their families, this would be a fabulous start!

And that's just the beginning. PBS is sponsering the National Memorial Day concert, and the National Memorial Day parade starts even before that. Arlington Cemetary will be honoring our fallen by placing a flag on each of the graves, and there will be one grave that I will pay a special visit to - my dad's.

Please remember that living in the nation's capital people all around you have loved ones who have passed who graciously served our country on your behalf ~ and showing your love, compassion, and support this weekend to the fallen and their families means more than you will ever know!


At 1:07 PM, Anonymous cjt said...

This is so very appreciated Lil. :)

One of the prime beneficiaries of CHH is TAPS, Tragedy Assistant Program for Survivors, a wonderful organization created by military widows for the healing and comforting of surviving wives and children. One of their programs is a summer camp of counsoling and nuturing for the young ones who have lost not just a father but at times a mother due to the ways of war today.

I should add that CHH is totally non partisan and completely dependent on private contributions.

Again, much gratitude Ladies.

So well written Lil!!!

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Lil DC Diva said...

CJT: Thank you so very much. I will have to tell my mother about the program for survivors, as I feel she would love to get involved :-)

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great blog.. i think some people are so caught up in their own lives they forget those who have fought hard for this country. It is not just another weekend but a time to remember all those who have helped make this country what it is and for that i am forever thankful...

At 3:11 PM, Anonymous scott said...

Couldn't agree more. For so long so many people took this day for granted...myself included. Not anymore. To live in the greatest country in the world is a gift and we should never forget why we have the greatest country and who fought and died for us to have it this way.

If we could all do something that day to remember those who have fought for us, I'm sure it would be much appreciated.

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