Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mission Impossible: Eat...

Apparently the boobalicious and yet VERY annorexic-looking teen queen, Lindsay Lohan, is campaigning herself to star in Mission Impossible 3. (She would, of course, be starring with Tom Cruise.)

''I actually met with J.J. Abrams, who is directing. I'm a huge fan of Lost and Alias, so hopefully, we will see what happens. If so, I'll be in training for a few weeks, putting on some muscles,''
she said in an Access Hollywood interview.

If she chooses to take this part, (aka - if it's offered to her) I'm assuming she is going to have to stuff a few of Paris' burgers in her mouth...

Remember when she was normal looking?

Lindsay in her "meatier" days...

(This one was written by Sara AND Ashley!)


At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Lauren said...

Seriously, every actress in Hollywood goes through a mystifying transformation where they lost 30 lbs off of their already- waify frame.. I smell a coke habit.


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