Thursday, May 19, 2005

Oscar Winner, Paris Wannabe & Bully?

(I heard this on the radio this morning, on the Z104 Matthew Blades Radio Program...)

Jamie Foxx... The Oscar-winning actor fell into the typical hollywood line along with Pamela Anderson & Paris Hilton: Someone stole sex tapes & nude pictures out of his dumpster. They were supposed to be aired on the Internet by the end of this week, but from what I heard, they won't be anymore. It's too bad because (supposedly) they include shots with interaction between Jamie and an A-List TV star as well as shots with him and an A-List movie star... Any ideas on who these stars could be?? (I heard rumors about him & Halle Berry... and I believe Oprah was mentioned as well... But you know how talk show gossip is...)

Plus, apparently Jamie sent a posse over to the guy's house (who stole the pics/tapes) and roughed him up...

And, in an interview with New York Daily News, it was said that if the pictures did end up getting published, they'd only enhance the actor's reputation as "one of Hollywood's biggest stars." He he...


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