Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Runaway Bride Kit

Poor Jennifer Wilbanks, she was so terrified about her own wedding she ran far, far away - forgetting to inform family members and oh, her fiance. At least it gives the rest of us something to talk about! Maybe if she had thought more about what to bring she wouldn't of had to fake her own kidnapping.

Included in Runaway Bride Kit:

1. One way bus ticket to Utah (Why would she choose Vegas? Sin City is swarmed with hidden cameras!)
2. Hair Dye (Cutting your hair will only leave your trail)
3. Ipod (it's gonna be one long ass bus ride)
4. Sunglasses (more so to cover hideous bug eyes than to disguise)
5. Speech theapy kit (She's gotta get rid of that southern twang somehow)
6. Cash (This has to be well thought out - a secret stash should have been saved up for a reasonable amount of time)
7. Quarters (You need that pay phone to call home - just in case!)
8. Portable TV (keep up on news reports for guesses of your possible whereabouts)
9. Your best friend (What fun is it if you go it alone?)

Please feel free to include more!


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