Wednesday, May 18, 2005

There need to be more people like me in this world :-)

Hey - at least the homeless are honest. They need money!

While other DC bloggers lash out at the Washington Socialites over the absence of one of their own (Windy), I have been exercising my good samaritan values over on L street.

I took a nice afternoon walk to my bank to pull out some cash. Asking for $40, the teller handed me what I thought was two $20's, I thanked her graciously, and turned to walk away. Until I looked down and saw that I was holding a $20 and a $50.

Woe is me, the predicament!

Actually, it wasn't a hard decision at all. I stepped back in line and waited until my teller was available again, and kindly informed her about her little mistake. I handed back the $50, in exchange for a $20 and went on my merry way.

It was that easy.

Sadly though, it's hard to find an
honest person in today's world who would do the same.


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