Tuesday, May 10, 2005

They Aren't Kidding When They Say "Extreme"

I barely get a chance to watch T.V., but last night I found time to cruise through a few channel's and landed on ABC's Extreme Makeover Wedding Edition.

Thinking I'd only spend a few minutes watching, an hour had passed and I was drenched with tears and puffy eyes.

You wouldn't have a heart if you didn't get teary-eyed over Kyle Garlett and fiance (now wife) Carrie Riordan. Garlett is a four-time cancer survivor who is waiting for a heart transplant but wanted to give his fiance the wedding of her dreams ~ and the "I Do" Crew made it happen at the City of Hope Cancer Treatment Center in Durante, CA.

Many celebs even stopped in to assist in wedding preparations for the reception theme "Christmas in New York": Christie Yamguchi, Chris Judd, and even Liza Minelli gave a performance. You would think that having these celebs there would make it a cheesy three-ringed circus, but that thought would quickly diminish by looking at the awe and surprise in Garlett and Riordan's eyes.

And if that wasn't enough, during the ceremony the wooden doors opened and in marched people who's lives had been touched through Kyle and Carrie: cancer survivors, teachers, friends, family.

And that's when the tears came flowing.

Now that's what I call Monday night TV.


At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He aint dying their fricking actors for chrissakes

At 11:37 PM, Blogger Kyle said...

No, I "aint" dying. But no, I'm not an actor. I really am the groom from Extreme Makeover: Wedding Edition, and I really am a cancer survivor waiting for a heart transplant.

Thanks for the kind words Ashley, and I'm glad you enjoyed the show. Hopefully they'll go to series for the fall and more couples will get as lucky as Carrie and I.


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