Monday, May 02, 2005

Those Damn Bikers

Dear D.C. bikers,

I commend you for wanting to get that early morning work out in - I just don't have the energy to do that. As I drive to work every morning, you peel out from practically no where - dodging cars, buses, and even bulldozers. I can spot you in my rear view mirror, cycling in incessant zig-zags through traffic. Your reaction skills are steller.

However, you seem to ignore the fact that the city provides us with many perfectly paved side walks for your riding convience. It's simple - drivers with cars on the streets, walkers and bikers on the sidewalk. While this is not a stated law, it is more of unspoken reasoning that it is not only safer - but easier to take the sidewalk.

I have seen many instances where you nearly run over pedestrians, not because you were sharing the side walk with them, but because they were crossing the street and you chose not to obey the traffic light even though you were "driving" on the street.

Or instances where you nearly cause two cars to collide - because you dodged through them at light speed - you remaining free of bumps and bruises and the drivers of the two cars in the midst of a fender bender. We obey traffic lights and stop signs while you choose to ignore the fact that they even exist.

I strongly urge you to start using the sidewalks - paved perfectly for your riding convience. If next time you feel inclined to join us on Constitution Ave, please do so in a vechicle of some sort - and a two, three, or even four wheel bicycle does not count.

You wouldn't want us driving on the side walks, now would you?




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