Thursday, June 30, 2005

Love...Just Eat It

So I'm going out to Lucky Bar with a bunch of guys from work tonight, including the one I have had a crush on forever (which is dwindling) and a new guy too (I know, step away from the coworkers)...and I'm so nervous I can't eat. In addition to the two guys I kind of like, I am also attending with two guys I think like me. Therin lies a problem. Haha.'ll be fun!

Anyway...I've decided that love is directly related to food. Think about it...when you like someone, you get nervous. You think about them. You don't eat. You pick at the food on the dinner date because the butterflies in your stomach are all you can handle.

When you break up with someone you love, you don't eat. You're sad, you're depressed. You're down on yourself and your situation.

However, it can also go another direction. When you're with someone and you're happy, you tend to gain weight. You go out to eat more, you cook each other things (OK, maybe the girl cooks the boy food more - but still)...newlyweds are known to put on the pounds much like the dreaded Freshmen 15.

Anyway...chew on that a minute. As for now, I have to run - I have six hot boys waiting for me.

The ghosts of relationships past...

Yes, this is long... I do have too much time on my hands... but my boss is out today... So I can play :)

So there's some saying about how you take something with you from every relationship that you have.... Something about footprints being left permanently on your heart or some crap like that.

Well, I got to thinking about it last night and I realized that it's true. My past three boyfriends have spanned over a period of almost 5 years. And each of them has truly left an impression on me... about my driving skills. Yep. That's right. My driving skills. Lessons in driving are the lessons I quite possibly will remember the most from my past relationships*.

Let's take BF#1. We dated, for the first time, about 5 years ago. It was a summer thing, or supposed to be, and instead I fell pretty hard for him... on accident. (I say for the first time because we have this bad tendency every couple of years to re-open the wound... never again though, I swear**!) OK, but blah blah... I know you don't want a relationship recap... Basically, back then I was TERRIFIED of driving on the beltway. I was freaked out about merging and switching lanes, etc. Well he would always tease me (in a sweet sort of way) and tell me there was nothing to it and explain little tricks to make it easier.

Well, we were over by the time I had to start driving on the beltway, but it was his words in my head that helped me to talk myself through it for the first few times I that merged on and changed lanes. Now, it doesn't faze me at all. And it's thanks, for a large part, to BF#1's encouragement and tips.

And onto BF#2. The college sweetheart. He was the guy that steered clear from relationships, but tons of girls wanted to be with. So of course I had to have him... You know how it goes. And I got him. And we were in a fairly serious relationship for a couple years +. He got a dui and lost his license for a little while. So I did a fair amount of driving. And I will never forget his gasp in horror because I was slow to break behind some guy on the highway. I won't lie... I did cut it pretty close, but only because he was so far ahead of me and I didn't realize that he was breaking so hard. And BF#2 taught me right then and there (although he yelled, which pissed me off) that no matter what, if the car in front of you breaks, you should too because you never know how quickly they're breaking. And now, I stick to that rule (most of the time).

And, finally, BF#3. The most recent. Now, we only dated a few months, but it was still a fun relationship and I did learn from him. You see, there is only parallel parking in front of his place. So, in the beginning, (you know, that time when you go WAY out of your way to be sweet to someone), when I would come over, he would come out and park my car for me. As I had no parallel parking skills whatsoever, it was very nice of him. However, after a while, he kind of got fed up with it, especially because I was over a lot, and made me fend for myself. (And I don't blame him; who wouldn't get sick of always having to park someone else's car for them?) So, in effect, if I wanted to go to his place, which I did, I had to learn to do it alone. And, guess what... I did. So, thanks to BF#3 I can now parallel park***.

If my next BF (which, as I have no desire to be in anything serious for a LONG time, I won't have for while) follows suit, perhaps he can help with the following: 1) I still don't know how to drive stick and 2) I need some serious help with my speeding (recently two speeding tickets in less than a month... not so good).

You know, along these lines and what the Brunette wrote about, I also have to thank past boyfriends for some of my sports teams... BF#2 got me hooked on Ohio State football... and BF#3 got me cheerin' for the Cubbies... (I especially love Carlos Zambrano & Derek Lee)... although the Nat's will always own my heart. The thing is, although relationships come and go, I'm not a sellout to my sports teams. With all their rough seasons, I've never given up on the Redskins... So, likewise, just because I'm no longer with those who taught me about the Buckeyes or the Cubs, I won't give up on those teams either! I still sleep in BF#2's old Ohio State shirt... but I don't even think of him when I do... I barely remember it as being his... Instead, I actually think about how the team may do next year...

* Obviously, I'm kidding here. This post isn't really intended to trivialize anything I had with any of my BFs... I just think it's funny that I can pinpoint a driving skill back to each one.
** I say this every time - but I'm serious now :)
*** Now, I'm not the best parallel parker in the world, and I may have to pull up and back in a few times before positioning myself correctly, but I still can do it and that's what counts in my book

Let's Play 'House'

Remember when you were little and had no responsibilities and just 'played' all day long? Ah, those were the days. No bills, no work, your only concern was that you had to be home by 3 o'clock for Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles. It was the life.

What are we doing now? We work insanely long hours, trying to depict our purpose in life, stress over bills, relationships, family. Life is just complicated. The days of selling lemonade for 10 cents a cup have been forgotten.

A friend and I had a thought recently. While some of our dear friends are engaged or in strong relationships and have their hearts set on starting a family and enjoying the blissful married life, others have become workoholics with no intention of starting a family, ever.

Then I thought back to when I was little. What was I doing? Playing house? No. I played 'business' and would own STOCK. Don't ask me how I knew about stock when I was little. I would make my little sister buy shares. Then I had the family newscast. I was the anchor and I made my little sister video tape me. I would give out special reports during family holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, etc.) Never once had I dreamed or played the part of being a mom and starting a family.

And here I am now, with no desire to either. Interesting.

Granted, I did have Barbie dolls and My Little Ponies. But these Barbies would own businesses and have affairs in a soap opera-like setting.

My point is that by what you 'played' when you were little, could you actually be choosing your destiny for your lifestyle? My friend and I never played the 'mommy' or acted 'married' while little, and are both single workoholics, with no intentions of having kids or even being married. My career is my main goal, and I understand it is for many. But, my career has ALWAYS been my goal, and I've never had intentions of settling with a husband and having kids, and I feel that I never will.

I am not saying marriage and a family is a bad thing. I think it is a beautiful way of life, but maybe not for everyone.

So, I am interested to know: is my theory that 'what you play is what you become' totally obscene? Or could I be onto something? Is what you play what you ultimately end up doing with your life?

What did you play?

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy Hump Day

Anyone else in dire need of a cocktail (or 10)????

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just A Baby Thought...

Do stars not take birth control? Seriously. All of a sudden Hollywood is knocked up. Is it a trendy thing to do these days? I hope not. Having a baby should be anything but a trend, its a lifetime commitment to raising another human being. But still, with all this baby talk, I couldn't help but wonder. And oh, the rumors. Angelina might be pregnant, Britney is, Jennifer Garner might be, Denise Richards just popped out her second, Gwyneth Paltrow is a mom, Reese Witherspoon, Paris is now crying out that she too, wants to be a mommy. I could go on but just don't feel inclined to, you get my point. Why is it all of a sudden so cool to be a mommy in Hollywood? Is nature's wrath feeding into the lifestyles of the most rich and famous? I mean, really, they are human beings too, but they just make everything look so damn trendy, even giving birth!

That girl

I went out to Buffalo Wing University in Fairfax a few nights ago. It was fun. My sister works there and were were just kickin' it with a few beers and shootin the shit with some of my friends, Brian & Andrew.

Well, we meet this girl. She seems alright and sits at our table. Everything is fine and we're all just chattin' and all of the sudden this chick starts randomly bragging about hooking up with a guy in the middle of the bar. Now at this time, please review the fact that we had just met her. And it's not like any of us were going around talking about past hookup stories.

This, my friends, is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Girls who try to draw attention to themselves by randomly blurting out sex tales in front of random people. You know the type.

It's like when you're playing the drinking game, Never Have I Ever, (a personal favorite of mine). You try to call your friends out. And it's all in good fun. Of course the "never have I evers" turn sexual at some point, (often right in the beginning). And, again, you just try to call out your friends for some laughs. But there is always some girl who says something detailed along the lines of "Never have I ever had sex with 3 people in one night: in the back of a truck and then in a bar bathroom and then in a jacuzzi filled with people. And then had sex with a married man the next morning."

And of course, she is the only one to drink. She called herself out. She's a random, nobody knows her very well, and now everyone's thinking she's a slut. But she doesn't care, she wants people to like her and think of her as sexy. Wrong way to do it sweetie.

Believe me, I don't think there's anything wrong about being confident in your sexuality. I think that everyone should be. And it can be fun to swap sex/hook up stories with friends (if that's what you do). But it's another to be so insecure that you have to draw attention to yourself by making yourself out to be easy. That's actually the complete opposite of having confidence in your sexuality. It's annoying and makes people laugh at/gossip about you behind your back.

PS. I wonder what type of pornographic google ads this post's gonna bring... ;)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Cadillac Brewski

Fantastic Weekend. And I didn't even hit up a single bar. I hung out in Arlington, at a friend's place, and learned the BEST drinking game. Granted, it's a good pregamming type of game, I ended up playing it all night long. And subsequently got absolutely hammered.

The name of the game: Cadillac Brewski
Players: 2-????
Drinking Amount: The less people playing the drunker you get - it all depends on the risk
Necessary to play: A tall beer glass (actually, any cup will do) and lots of beer


  • For the first round someone determines how much beer to be poured into the cup (aka Cadillac... I think...). The beer poured is called "the risk" and after the first round, the winner is always the one to determine the risk for the ensuing rounds.
  • Every player places their pointer finger on the rim of the glass.
  • The player who determined the risk for that round goes first. They count to three and then where they would say four, they instead say the number of fingers that they believe will still be left on the cup.
  • When whoever's counting gets to the fourth number, each player decides either to lift up their finger or leave it on the cup.
  • If the counter guesses correctly, they win (if they are the first to guess correctly) and are out of the round. If they guess incorrectly, they are still in the round.
  • Example: With three players, let's say that it's my turn to guess. I would say "one, two, three, two!" When I said one (instead of four) everyone moves or doesn't move thier finger. If two people's fingers are left on the cup, I win and I'm out. (If there's already been a winner, then I am just out... which is a good thing if you don't want to lose and have to chug!) If there are none, or one or three fingers left, I'm still in the game.
  • This goes on until there are two people left. Whoever guesses correctly first is out and the person left, the loser, has to chug the risk.
  • The first person to get out is considered the round's winner and determines the risk for the next round and also gets to guess first.

OK, so it definitely doesn't sound as fun as it actually is. But it is a BLAST. We started off with just three of us playing it. Then one friend left for the evening and I was left playing it one on one. And I hadn't been that tanked in a LONG time.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Quick Note

I would just like to say that I work in an office with 90% men...and the fridge is full of diet soda. We have Diet Coke, Pepsi One, Sprite Zero, Diet RC...and one case of regular Coca-Cola.

That and I saw an ad for this product last night. It's anti-wrinkle cream for men, only it's called HYDRA-POWER INVIGORATING MOISTURIZER. To make it sound more manly.

Metrosexuals have taken over. I have decided. As DCB said...the gays start a trend, which trickles to the metros, which eventually reaches the common man.

I'm OK with it though, I was just commenting.


I just heard on the radio that (like Demi Moore once did) Britney Spears is planning on posing naked while pregnant.

Um... (insert title here). And that's all I have to say on that.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The game

So, I was having a pretty rough time with this break up... and it didn't make much sense to me because we only dated a few months and I wasn't happy in the relationship for a while anyway. Although we still cared for each other, I broke up with him - and should have been fine. I've ended things with plenty of people and I'm always fine. But this time I wasn't and I could not, for the life of me, figure out why. And then, at about 10:30 last night, it hit me.

I couldn't get over the relationship because of the game. And by this I don't mean the chase - you know... you like someone until they like you back and then lose interest... I hate those games. What I mean is that I'm competitive and, I can admit it, sometimes I am a sore loser. I hate to lose and I really hate to quit. And I had to give up on a relationship that I cared about while we both still cared about each other, which to me is like quitting at half time.

It's not that it was a relationship composed of opposing teams (which I've had before, and trust me, it ain't fun). It was more that the team could not keep their eyes on the same ball. We had the spark to make it work, you know... like a good team spirit... but we played by different rules and different strategies. And we were both so set on the way that we felt the game should be played that we couldn't really come together as a team.

This is similar to my first year on the dance team in college. Every girl had AMAZING talent, but as we'd all come from different studios, we all had different styles and had a really hard time cleaning routines so that we "danced as one". (Even though we didn't quit and ended up having a KICK ASS team...)

There's some saying about if you name something that you're really afraid of, you'll be half way closer to getting over that fear (or something along the lines). Well, this works in a similar fashion. Now that I understand what's been upsetting me about the whole thing, I can breathe so much easier. I feel 100% better and can accept, this once, quitting gracefully at half time instead of turning out to be a losing team.

On a side note, my next "teammate" will be reading my rule book before making the cut ;) (JK... kind of...)

Sassy Shoes

I have a pet peeve to share. I could write about bad drivers. Or how the Honda dealership has had my baby for a week and I'm stuck with this enormous deathtrap on wheels (aka an old ass, gas-guzzling Explorer). Or even how it costs more for me to get a salad for lunch than a damn burrito.

But no, this is much worse. I'm afraid to walk around my office. It's pretty quiet around here being that a lot of people are on vacation and that I work with computer programmers (who sit and code with headphones on). Then here I come, a burst of sunshine in my colorful skirt and bright turquoise top...I'm cute today and I know it...but... sandals make noise. That flip flopping noise, the slap against the feet. To make it worse, these aren't flip flops either, they are heels. It's even worse going up and down stairs. In order to make the sound stop I have to consciously
step and do so slowly, not the most effective way to get around.

It sounds dumb, but I don't like it, it's embarrassing. I feel like everyone is watching me clip-clop around the office and instead of thinking "oh, she looks cute today" (being that I usually don't look 100% at work since I am not a morning person) or even thinking nothing at all about me walking by - they are thinking "how annoying I can hear her coming a mile away."

What's a girl to do?

Should I forgo fashion for some silent shoes? Or should I suck it up and proudly strut with a sound effect?

Do guys really notice that annoying flip-flop? Or am I being paranoid? Am I missing some secret to walking sexy and not being self-conscious about the sound?

I think I'll sit at my desk as much as I can today. So depressing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What the F

I was craving a Raspberry Arizona Iced Tea. So I went out to grab one and just got hit, hard, on by a married man. He didn't even bother to hide his ring.


Him: Hey I saw you eating at Potbelly's the other day.
Me: Oh.
Him: Was that your boyfriend?
Me: No, my friend and co-worker. (Although people at work suspect an affair... which will probably be a completely different post altogether...)
Him: Well do you have a boyfriend? (Looks me up and down with a creepy-ass smile)
Me: Why?
Him: I was thinking maybe you'd like to eat lunch with me sometime.
Me: You're married.
Him: So? I'm still fun. (Does the double eyebrow raise)
Me: No, thanks. (with tons of attitude & a sneer)

Seriously, what the f. What is wrong with people these days? If you're married (or in a relationship at all, for that matter) you do not stop girls you think are cute and ask them to lunch. Geez.

What the hell did he expect me to say? "Gee, buddy... If you're fun, let's cut out the lunch and meet at a hotel for an hour... Who cares about your wife anyway."

Guys (and girls) like this, with no morals, never cease to amaze me.

The Strut

One of the best feelings in the world (of course, besides love and peace and blah blah) is when you know that you are looking your absolute best. And/or when you catch the eye of that really hot guy, and you can feel his gaze following you... And by this, I mean those times when you can't help but to strut a little bit while you walk in public. It can happen when you're out with friends, or by yourself. In a crowded bar or in a totally random location... It's completely out of your control.

It happened to me last night. I went out to eat and came home. Had to make a trip to Target. Saw, possibly, the hottest guy in the universe. (Just my type.) We practically ran into each other in the laundry detergent section (which seemed rather ironic to me). He smiled. Said hello. I smiled. Said hello. He was about to say something more and I chickened out. Too recently single; not yet up to flirting in Target. So I smiled again, grabbed some detergend and walked away. But, as I was looking my absolute best from dinner, I could not help but to walk with a strut (hence the purpose of this post)... Seriously, I couldn't help it, I knew he was watching and, I swear, I had absolutely no control over the way that I was walking... My body took on a mind of its own. You know the feeling:

Your hips swagger just a little bit more than usual, and you can't stop them. Your legs carry you in a much more confident (almost cocky) gait, and there's nothing that you can do about it. Your chin's held higher than normal and there ain't nothing gonna bring that baby back down. There's half of a smile to the shape of your lips and it's there to stay.

It's not a front. It literally becomes the natural way for you to carry yourself. You don't try to look like a snob, and you don't because of that smile that you can't seem to help.

It's just a great feeling & mood lifter... And I certainly needed it last night!

I may just have to get dressed up and run into Target more often ;)

Monday, June 20, 2005

I heart the Nationals

For anyone who doesn't know... I'm a huge fan of the Nationals. So, in the spirit of the next three games:

Washington Nationals
/ òó \

( (_) )
(¨¨l¨ l

_/_ .................:::
___) Pittsburg Pirates

TBN's Celebrity Update!

Which rapper does Lindsay Lohan have her eyes on?

We can't help it. Celebs are just too much fun to talk about. A dear friend of mine wrote the following article to be published directly to The Butterfly Network, so bring on the gossip:

Tinsletown is heating up big time for the summer and the celebrity gossip is in full effect.

Of course the number one thing that everyone is talking about is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Last weeks engagement shocked many people by saying maybe this is not a publicity stunt. (I still think it is a publicity stunt, but you never know what will happen in Hollywood, so stay tuned.) So not only is Tom Cruise off the market again, but he also had a weird run in with a “reporter” prankster today at his London Premiere of his War of the Worlds movie. The “reporter” who was interviewing Cruise on the red carpet, used a gimmick microphone that actually squirted him in the face. Personally, I think it is quite humorous, yet rude at the same time. Cruise handled himself very nicely as he repeatedly told the “reporter” that he was a jerk. Check out how Cruise took care of the situation at

The past 2 months, both Katie and Tom have been on cloud 9, but so far this week, they are both not having that much luck! Not only did Tom get a squirt in the face with a fake microphone, Katie just found out that Warner Bros. were not pleased with her performance in Batman Returns. They are happy with everyone else’s performance except for Katie’s, and so for the upcoming sequel they are looking for a “much stronger actress.” OUCH. Huge burn!

The beautiful face of Leonardo DiCaprio has been tampered with, OH NO! Saturday night around 4 a.m., DiCaprio was leaving Rick Solomon’s (Paris Hilton’s ex and the genius behind “One Night in Paris”) party, and a crazy lady who was apparently looking for her ex boyfriend hit him across the head with a broken beer bottle. That sure is a buzz kill if I do say so myself. DiCaprio received 12 stitches and the police are going to further investigate the situation.

Apparently black guys love Lindsay Lohan. No, I am dead serious. In the new Elle Magazine, Lohan raves about all the hot African American artists who are interested in not only her, but her work as an entertainer. Such artists are 50 cent, P Diddy, and Damon Dash. She is not interested in any of these men though, because she has her eye on Eminem. Lohan, we all know you are hot stuff and your career is better then ever, but I wouldn’t let it go to your head.

*Sources - NY Post, 99.5 Hollywood Hot Sheet

Sunday, June 19, 2005

What's in A Name?

You know you've done it before. You know, attach a nickname to a person. In this world of on again off again affairs and flirtations that are often too fast to remember, we have resorted to naming our partners with a quick reference rather than a legally given name. Brown boy, Preppy boy, Republican boy, boy from Local 16, boy who works on the Hill, boy with the BMW - or, for our gentleman readers it could be something like Drunk girl, Girl with the cute friend, Hot chick from marketing or even just "that girl with the nice rack."

What brings me to this revelation is a conversation I was having with a friend tonight. She was trying to jog my memory about a certain encounter she had a few weeks ago - to update me on the situation, and I could not remember which boy she was talking about (as she has been on several dates lately). Finally it all came clear to me and I said, "oh! the worst kisser ever!"

Now, what poor boy has been branded this? I believe I should quote her to tell the tale: "We were in a group, we went from bar to bar, and at one point he just kissed me. It was fine then. We ended up walking off away from the group later that night and he kissed me again. Only this time, not so good. Seriously, he was the worst kisser ever. How did it happen? How could I not have known before? I can't even describe how awful it was. How do you get to be 25 and be that bad? I was mortified. I just wanted to get out of there but there was no way out."

How do you forget a story like that? And there is no way I would remember his real name, nor was there a need to since she would probably never see him again, so we just started calling him the "worst kisser ever."

This "nickname" thing, is it more seventh grade or is it more Sex & the City? In our younger years, we made up nicknames to talk in the lunchroom about our current crushes so nobody knew who we were talking about; in the more sophisticated Sex & the City years, the fabulous four came up with names like "Funky Spunk" or of course the most important, Mr. Big.

Either way, it's fun. And perhaps the only way to attempt to keep straight the many men (and women) that may cycle in and out of our lives. It doesn't even have to be someone in a dating category, it can be a friend that you are branding. Steve from school with the motorcycle or Brad from work who went to doesn't matter what it is, there is always some association there and a frame of reference with whatever friend you may be sharing a story with.

We meet so many people and have had so many different experiences, that it becomes almost necessary to attach a description with a name (if they are even lucky enough to get a name too). So, is it time to grow up and ditch the nicknaming? Or is it just part of living (and dating) in this fast-paced, here today, gone tomorrow world?

As for my friend's unforunate experience? My heart goes out to you, anonoymous man. But it's too late, you will always be known as "worst kisser ever" boy. Better luck next time.

Breaking up is hard to do

Especially when you break up with someone you really care about and their response is a simple "OK".

Not that you want them to try to change your mind, because it's already made up. But because it just shows that being with you doesn't matter to them... which, I suppose, in a roundabout way, simply validates the reasoning behind breaking up with them. But it still sucks.

On a couple side notes:
  1. Break ups are great diets... 3.5 pounds and counting down ;)
  2. My next boyfriend will be pointed strongly in the direction of CPMC's best practices... Especially Part V & Part VII. Or, perhaps the next boy that I'm with will think I'm worth things like that (and more) without my having to point them out in the first place...

Thank goodness I have a blog to vent to :)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Weekend What?

So apparently I have decided that Wednesday and Thursday night are the new weekends. Seriously, what was I thinking? I am much too old for this.

I did have fun though. That's all that matters. On Wednesday "Brent" and I headed out to Dupont to check out the gay bar scene. We went by Cobalt and JR's - which had a decent crowd. It was a little disconcerting to be in a bar filled with men (many of whom were attractive), and not have any of them care that I was there. We did have a good time though.

Last night I enjoyed a late night drinkathon with some coworkers at Whitlow's in Arlington. It was quite the sausage fest, which was good for me (especially after being in a similar situation the night before, only this one was much more user friendly) - however being there with three guys did not help my case. Unfortunately none of my female friends could make it out last night, so I was stuck with the boys. Not that I don't love them.

It was entertaining though, I offered to help them by being the wingwoman and going up to girls and starting conversation so they would have an in. It actually did work out well for my friends. Then they were trying to get me to go hit on random guys. But really, you can't just go up to a group of four guys alone and be like "hello, I am here!" Really, what can a solo girl do? Is it weird for a girl to do that? Usually I let guys come to me, or if I'm with a friend we might strike up a random conversation with someone. It just depends on the situation I guess. G
uys, what do you think? Should we wait around looking pretty or be brazen and go for it - or is there a nice medium?

I will ponder this as well, but for now I'm off to get some lunch before I die. It's all about refueling for the next night. Though with all of the activities I'm debating on for Saturday (Courage Cup, Legwarmers concert in Falls Church and various other parties), I may be tempted to make this a Blockbuster night.

Tom and Katie: The Cartoon

Congrats to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes on their publicity-enraged engagement. At first, I was down with the whole Tom/Katie PDA, but now I am just sick. Still, I felt it was deserving and a mention, oh, and a hilarious (yet brutally honest) cartoon, for your personal enjoyment. (Turn the volume up on your computer and click here.)

"Give me liberty or give me beer!"

So when's the last time YOU participated in a bar crawl?? Whether it's two years ago or two weeks ago (for me it's about 2 months ago) set aside Friday, July 1, and get ready to have some drunken* fun!

Because, my friends, it's the 10th Annual Midtown Liberty Bar Tour! (Self-proclaimed as DC's biggest Independence Day Celebration.) The festivities are sponsored by Lindy Promotions, DC101, & Budwesier. I
can pretty much guarantee that this will be a blast, if it compares to the Leprechaun Lap bar crawl that they hosted back in March... Lil & I were there and had a great time!

It's $10 if you bring 2 cans of food** or $13 if you don't. You can also purchase advanced tickets (for a separate line and quicker registration) HERE.

Basically, you register at Mackey's (1823 L St., NW) between 5 and 10. (The first 500 people get a "special giveaway".) You get $2 Bud, Bud Light, Bud Select bottles, $3 B to the E, and no cover at participating bars until midnight...

The participating bars include Black Rooster, Porters, Mackey's, Five, The Bottom Line, Vida, Recessions, Tequila Grill, Madhatter, Recessions, The Front Page, 4th Estate, Sign of the Whale, Singapore Bistro, and Rumors. (So, obviously, you must be 21 to participate...)


* You don't have to get drunk to have fun! In fact, there's a designated driver program available featuring free sodas.
**All food to benefit
Food & Friends

A special piano player for the ladies ;)

I'm not sure if guys will want to watch this, BUT so you know, you don't see anything that (I imagine) you wouldn't want to and it is really funny.

I would not recommend watching this at work, but seriously, if you want to smile, you MUST watch this sometime! This guy is VERY talented... ;)

Click on the picture above (sorry it's not very clear)and then click play on the web page that it brings you to. It may take a few minutes to load, but is well worth it I promise! Also, make sure you have volume, it makes a difference!

*This is NOT porn, HOWEVER, there may be some small pornographic images on the web site that you are directed to so, again, I would not recommend looking at this while at work - unless of course your boss isn't around!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

What constitutes High Maintenance??

OK, so perhaps I get a little confused about relationships sometimes.

Seeing as how high maintenance was a hot topic in our comments section a few weeks ago, I thought I'd throw this out here and see what I get back. Can anyone please tell me whether or not any of the following are considered high maintenance in a relationship? (And yes, I am pulling MOST of this straight out of a recent personal experience.)

Are you being high maintenance if you want your significant other to:

  1. Make plans with you, in advance, to do things other than sit around at each other's places... Or even sometimes just to do that.
  2. Take you out for dinner and drinks with out friends. If money's an issue, go dutch, or you'll pay... but the point is just to get out and feel like a couple.
  3. Invite you out when they go out with their friends. (Of course, not if its a guys/ladies night, everyone needs those too...)
  4. Compliment you.
    More than they compliment other girls (or, if you're a boy, boys).
  5. Tell you how they feel about you. Not all the time - relationships where you ALWAYS talk about feelings are no fun... But frequently enough so you never doubt how special/important you are to them.
  6. Make an effort to get to know your friends & family when they're around. They don't have to make new best friends with anyone, but just make enough of an effort so that your friends aren't left wondering why you're with them...
  7. And, for goodness' sake... If they can't make these efforts for you, they surely should not be making these efforts for other girls (or, if you're a boy, boys...)

Am I wrong? Because I thought that the above list was somewhat of a "given" when you're with someone that you actually care about... And if you're not getting those things, can you ever really trust that significant other??? Think about it... If they don't care enough to do those SIMPLE things, how do you know that they care enough to be faithful, or that they care enough to take the relationship seriously at all??

I always thought that the BELOW list was the high maintenance list. It's comprised of all the things that I strive to stay away from...

I always thought that High Maintenance was when you expected your significant other:

  1. To pay for everything.
  2. Not to even glance at another girl.
  3. Spend all their time with you, with out spending time with their friends.
  4. Lavish you with expensive gifts.
  5. To make you the center of their universe.

Basically, about the first list (the point of this blog)... I don't think the things on it are high maintenance... i really believe that they're just regular relationship maintenance that's necessary if you want to stay in the relationship... am I wrong? are those things too much to ask??

I'm back!

Ah, back in the blogging world... I'd be lying if I said I hadn't missed it a little. But I didn't miss it that much because I was way too busy having an AMAZING time in Wilmington with my girls!

We went all over the place, including Bridge Tendor, Georges, 22 North, Red Dogs, Fibber McGees... I can't remember the rest of the names - I suppose the consumption of too much alcohol had a lot to do with that...

So, as promised - here are the pics!

We threw a surprise bachelorette party for Katie (she's getting married in November, but lives in Arizona, so we threw it rather early)... Everyone gave her some lingerie and we (being the phenomenal arts and craft artists that we are) made her a shirt to wear that said "Suck for a Buck" with a bunch of lifesavers on it.
And all night long boys from all over paid $1 to suck a lifesaver off of her!

And we dressed in shirts saying that we were bridesmaids... although we aren't really. (Me, Kristin, Melysa, Jill)

We laughed, drank & danced the night away...

And, certainly, none of us complained when a boy from school showed up at one of the bars we were at, whom we'd all admired for years (while on the dance team) because we'd see him working out. And he randomly decided to show off his abs (again, no complaints!) and I was quick to get a pic, of course :) Too bad he was boring & impossible to hold a conversation with... But no single ladies = a four day weekend all about us, with no room for boys anyway!

And of course, by the end of the night we were all helping Katie get rid of those lifesavers. Obviously, as her manager for the evening, I didn't have to pay a buck to suck! ;)

The next day, we did absolutely nothing except watch old dance team videos because we were SO hungover... But then we went out to a 3 hour dinner at a place called Georges (I think). It was lovely, even if the service was really slow. (Me, Jill, Ginny, Katie, Kristin, Leigh Ann, Melysa)

On Monday, we went out on a yacht... appropriately named "First Down Pirates" (GO ECU!)

View from the dock...

All the girls! (minus the two - Brianne & Emily - who couldn't make it... but they'll be there next year!) - Me, Katie, Kristin, Leigh Ann, Melysa, Jill

And all of us again... this time with Ginny, our new favorite friend! (One of Katie's best friends who recently moved to Wilmington... Second from the left)

And I even got to drive (or is it steer?) for a little bit! (Considering that it was my first time on a boat, it was pretty exciting!)

And check out the amazing sunset we had when we got back to land!

Wow, ok, now that this post is about as long as a short novel, I'll finish by saying that I had a fantastic time. I wish I was still there. And thank God for my college girl friends, I couldn't survive without them! So our first annual reunion couldn't have gone any better than it did! (Next year Arizona/Vegas and then in 2007 - Hawaii, baby!) Luckily, I'll see them all again in November at Katie's wedding!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend & beginning of the week too!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Debauchery in Dupont (or something like that)

So tonight my friend "Brent" is coming to visit. We will be starting our night at Lauriol Plaza for mexican, margaritas and male-watching...then continuing our streak by checking out the scenery at JR's for a few drinks.

This will be my first experience at a gay club, so I'm excited to see a new crowd. All of those pretty boys will definitely be fun to look at - even if they won't look twice at me.

So while Lil DC Diva is enjoying her girls night out, I'll be enjoying a "girls night out" of a different kind.

We'll report tomorrow!

McFadden's for Girls Night

Sometimes you just need it. It's not juvenile or childish, just necessary. That special time when you spend time with only your female (or male) kind. It's rejuvinating. Too much of it is tiring, but to little leaves you craving more.

No matter what age, women will always have their "girls" night out. My mom is 56, and still has her five close "girlfriends" who frequently meet up for "girls" nights.

So here I am, 22, declaring my excitement and anticipation for my very own girls night ~ which is tonight.

Not that hanging with the fellas isn't fun as well, of course We love the men. But men would surely hate to be sitting at a gossipy gab fest, where we talk about shoes celebrities, people, each other, clothes, politics, and yes, even sports ~ amongst the cocktails, giggling, and dancing. It's hormone overdrive, but we just need it. It's a release.

Perfect example: Feeling bad, I informed one of my guy friends that we (the girls) would be making our way to McFadden's this evening. His response? "Um, is it all girls? I don't want to be the only guy..."

My point exactly. Guys are smart, they know we need these nights. My boyfriend even quickly goes into hiding when he knows the night is approaching, because I do exactly the same when he calls for a boys night of beer, sports, funny noises (i.e. burping and farting) and whatever else a "boys" night consists of. But I don't even care to know what does go on during "boys" night out, because I have occasional special nights out my female kind, we all do and we all need it, admit it! :-)

Smoke Free DC?

Is DC ready for a smoking ban?

According to the Washington Post, it seems that we are one step closer to banning smoking in DC bars and restaurants. Aside from personal rights and restricitions of smokers, most opponents of the ban have cited economical reprecussions - but studies in New York City and other areas that have the smoking ban have not reported a loss of economic profit. Many people feel that this is just another way for the government to "babysit" people (i.e. forcing seatbelt wearing)...but is it really? Is it more of a health concern or just another way for the government to impose laws?

I personally don't mind either way. It is kind of nice to come home and not smell like smoke (if you're not a smoker), but then again I don't mind it when people smoke around me (as I have been known to smoke a few things here and there haha).

The question remains - what do the people in DC think about this? Feel free to comment on the pros and cons of this possible ban as it comes up to vote.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

From the Frontline...

I don't understand men.

So after my incident with the work boy, we have become pretty close. Or so I thought.

Two weeks ago he was inviting me to parties (where I met his sister and cousin), sharing his relationship woes with me and we were talking even more than usual at work. Last week my car broke down in DC (where he lives) one night and I called him to see if he could help (he happened to be too drunk at a bar and couldn't), and though he never came through to rescue me, he did call to make sure I ended up OK and we ended up talking on the phone for about an hour into the wee hours of morning. All very lovely, right? It seemed that even though he may not be interested in me in a romantic way, we were certainly on our way to a fabulous friendship.

Now? Are we even friends? We have barely spoken at all the past few days. There have been a few IMs here and there at work, and last night I sent a text message which didn't get a reply (I always do otherwise)...we didn't speak all weekend and where there is usually a casual "what are you doing, we should meet up" (even if we don't mean it) - all I got was a "later" goodbye on Friday and nothing since.

He goes from being all chummy and friendly to barely saying hello.


Did I do something wrong? How come once I take two steps forward he takes two steps back? Did he think I was getting too close and decide he didn't want to let me?

This utter cluelessness (apparently on my part and maybe even on his) goes for both straight relationships and gay ones, it is not the typical "dumb heterosexual male" that I am complaning about here.

For example, my friend Brent (not his real name) has this to say about a relationship with a male friend of his, that has been going on for about 9 months. The two are very good friends, and Brent likes this other guy, but is pretty sure the other guy either does not like him like that, or doesn't know. Here is the story straight from his mouth:

Brent: for instance, last week we spent the entire night together - watching TV, then going out for a random drive around town
Brent: we ended up watching a movie at my place
Brent: this was at the end of a week where we had been spending a lot of time together
Brent: we were just getting closer and closer - and I think he was starting to notice a changing dynamic between us
Brent: I've called him several times since last Wednesday and we've caught each other on IM since, but he has been very distant
Brent: and that night when I dropped him off he was being very weird and moody
Brent: I think he really was starting to feel something and that bothered him happens to the best of us, straight or gay.

Is it just us - are we telling ourselves that things have changed with the object of our affections? Or possibly, is it OUR fault, are WE the ones that are being different and pushing them away subconciously? Are we that infatuated with the idea of this other person, that we won't allow ourselves to actually let something happen?

Maybe it's not them at all. Or maybe we just tell ourselves it's them to make us feel better, that yes, they do like us but they don't want to or there is some other issue as to why it's not happening. I mean, obviously we are wonderful people and they do enjoy our company. Maybe they (gasp!) don't even know we like them. So, what gives?

Maybe I'm just crazy.

Presidential Porn Star

Ever think we would get a photo op with our Commander in Chief and a porn star? (Well, maybe in the Clinton days...)

It might be President Bush's lucky day.

Today Mary Carey, porn star and former runningmate for governor of California, will be holding a fashion show and news conference to show everyone her outfit for the NRSC dinner for the President tonight. (She wanted to prove to everyone that she really can dress appropriately for the dinner.)

And where is the press conference taking place? Oh, right about now, at Coyote Ugly.

The Washington Post's article today states that "Carey acknowledges that some people just think of her as a busty blonde who does porn films."

But folks, she is more than that. Even the republicans think so!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Diva And The City

So, next Thursday I leave for the Big Apple. I'm taking one of DC's Chinatown buses and heading up for a few days for work/play and one helluva family reunion (Great uncle's 80th surprise birthday party - yea, I'm Italian.)

The thing is, I can confidently admit I don't know a damn thing about New York City. Now, I can tell you plenty about D.C. - I've lived here for half my life. I've literally grown up engulfed in politics, scandals, and power and can blog about my experieces in such a familiar atmosphere - this is my home.

But now I am about to enter the complete opposite. N.Y.C is a foreign land to me. Right now, the most useful thing I know about NYC is that it is one of the nation's safest cities to live in. And D.C. is one of the most dangerous cities to live in. Twisted, yet comforting.

I know fashion is key. Well, I don't know. I've "heard." Complete opposite of D.C. as well, now that I think about it. Politics in D.C., fashion in N.Y.C. (As you can see, as I type, I'm mentally mapping out differences between the two cities.)

I know that there is no smoking in any bars. That people party in clubs till the wee hours of the morning. That you rub shoulders with famous celebrity faces in the coffee shop and don't think twice about it. (Here, we rub faces with famous politicians.)

Circle V just got back from visiting the city, and had a very interesting story to tell.

I don't want to compare the two cities because I just don't know enough about N.Y.C. to form a structured opinion. I love where I live and everything about D.C., so in no way will I betray my hometown. But, this visit to N.Y.C. also means a lot to me, because I might just live there one day.

Since I am only there for a few days, I'd love some advice on where to spend my time (when I am not working.) I promise to come back with a full report and plenty of exciting stories to tell!

Nats, Cell Phones, and Rude Rude Men

I've been meaning to write this post since last week but have been extremely busy, sorry for the delay!

Last Tuesday I attended a Nationals game with a close girlfriend. We had great seats and were enjoying ice cream, nachos, hot dogs, and beer, cheering along with the crowd. (In case you've been on another planet, the Nats are in first place right now.)

We even made a debut on the giant TV screen with Screech the mascot. It was the ultimate baseball game experience. My friend ran into her neighbors and some other people we knew, along with one of her sister's friends. Excited, she called her sister to let her know she saw someone she knew. Suddenly, a heavy set middle aged man sitting next to her tapped her and rudely said: "Excuse me, but if you are going to talk on your phone, move over!"

The conversation followed as this:

(My friend got up and took the next seat over and finished up her short conversation with her sister.)
Friend (to man): Excuse me sir, if you don't want to deal with cell phones, don't go out in public.
Man: F*ck you, b*tch!
Friend: You're a real class act, a true gentleman.
Man: No, I'm not.
(The man huffed and puffed and gave us the evil eye for the remainder of the time. Next thing we know, the guy behind us gets out his cell phone and starts screaming into it right behind Mr. Grumpy Cell Phone Hater just to piss him off.)

Summarize this story as you will. I know it was not only a question of cell phone ethics, but also of manners. I was appalled that an older man would speak to a young woman in such a horrible tone. And what made it worse, was that this man was with his girlfriend/wife/sister who just sat and didn't say anything at all. If that we're my boyfriend, I'd slap him across the face!

Where and when you talk on your cell phone is also a controversial and mannered issue. Where wouldn't I talk on mine? At work, on the metro in the mornings, while I am out to dinner with friends/family. A baseball game? Having a short conversation on the phone should be the least of Mr. Grumpy Cell Phone Hater's problems, when there are drunk fans all around him screaming and spilling beer.

As today's Washington's Post calls it, we're in a giant lovefest with our Nats. We are also in a very public place, where the only rule is that people cannot smoke in the stadium. So when the Nat's score their next home run, feel free to dial up your best buddy and let him/her know we are still in first place!

As for the cell phone haters, there is a time and place for everything. Speaking on a cell phone in public at a baseball game is a-okay in my book. Yet, had he asked nicely without the name calling, my friend would have politely complied.

The Nat's are still winning and that one phone call didn't stop anyone from having a great time.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Recycling for Love

No, I haven't found some hip new charity that's good for the environment. I realized lately I have been recycling men. It's gone even farther than the TYPE of man I'm's gotten to where it's the actual, physical, same man.

For example: the Brown boy? Complete recycling. Looking for a quick fix, a little pick me up. Nothing like a good ego boost to keep your game going in the world of love. I've also started talking to a boy I had a fling with a couple years ago...who is up here for an internship (damn Washington DC and its booming intern population)...we've started talking too. Sigh, I'm a mess.

On that note, maybe instead of recycling my own past loves, I should spread the wealth. I have heard of recycling parties - where everyone brings an ex to share - and hopes that someone else will hit it off with the one you just had to let go.

I guess that has the potential to get pretty messy though.

All of this talk of types of mates has me thinking though...are we more attracted to people who are like us ("birds of a feather flock together") or more likely to go with the "opposites attract" motto? In either case, which is better in the long run? What has longer lasting potential for a healthy relationship?

Studies show that although we may initally be attracted to someone who is the opposite of us, when it comes down to core values - longer lasting relationships stem from couples sharing similar values, education, physical appearance and intellectual interest. I guess that means that the bad boy phase many girls go through will eventually you like to hope. I can only hope that also means that eventually I'll get over the phase of going after the boys who aren't interested in me, and ignoring the ones who are.

Earlier the butterflies posted some quick thoughts on what initially attracts us to a man. But, what do men find attractive? This study shows that men are attracted to a youthful appearance which includes physical beauty (full lips, clear, smooth skin, lustrous hair) and body type.

One day, maybe I will go for a man who is not the usual tall, dark, and handsome. In today's society of instant gratification, it's easy to be drawn to the people who are the most attractive, even if they do not hold the same values and interests as we do. Sex appeal is important, but not necessarily the be all, end all of a relationship.

Maybe I should stop trying to find the same type of man (and recycling through the same men period) and instead go for something different, something out of the ordinary. I may find that branching out from what I perceive my ideal mate to be, will help me to find out what it is I really want.

Friday, June 10, 2005

For Love Of Dye

I haven't seen my real hair color since, um...8th grade?

I know what it is, though. Really. It's dark, dark brown. I think.

So I have an appointment with my favorite hairdresser, Gaston, at 4:30 p.m. He just dyed my hair, what, three weeks ago. Dark, dark brown, naturally.

I hate the fact that I am on a quest to find my natural color, keep dying it to do so, and am yet to find it. Doesn't it seem perfectly reasonable that I just chill and let it grow out?


My hair has seen all sorts of shades and colors: brown, blonde, auburn, red-tinted, to almost black. So why am I never satisfied?!

Colors fade, tempermants change, and I will get a new hair color just because I "feel" like it, when really, I just wish I could find the one that was made for me.

Darnit I am never satisfied!!! It's so hard to keep up with fashion/style...but by god, I will.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Free Katie!

Please! Someone save her from the Wrath of Tom! Order your shirts today!

Oh, and visit this hilarious website, which states:

"McLaughlin Cameron Designs invites you to join the movement to liberate Katie, a young, gifted, actress held captive by forces we may never understand. Even one summer of captivity is too long for one so bright!"

What Attracts The Butterflies?

An article in the NY Post today lifted my brows and made me wonder: Do all women look for the same features in a man? Here is what the article had to say:

"Women have weighed in on what makes a man look sexy - and while jeans, a clean-shaven face and chest hair are hot, leather pants, comb-overs and sandals are not. Cargo magazine quizzed 866 women on what they look for in a guy, and they had very strong opinions about the way men dress and groom themselves. The jeans and T-shirt look is way in, with 58 percent saying it's the sexiest outfit men can wear. Another 19 percent say a hip shirt and pants are what turns them on, while another 17 percent insist a suit and tie is the bomb. Leather pants? Ugh! Ninety-two percent say they're best left to rock stars."

So I wanted to see where the butterflies fit into this equation. I asked Sara and Asian Mistress to contribute what their standards were when it comes to being attracted to a man. Here is how it all added up:

Sara's ideal man:

No facial hair.
Taller than me.
Nice body, but not bulky with muscles... A toned body work wonders for me. A nice back makes this butterfly's heart flutter!
I love a hottie in a suit and/or dressed up in a button down.
But I also love my man to look relaxed in just jeans & a worn in surf tee.
Not heavy on the jewelry.
I'm partial to darker hair - but as long as you have hair and know how it suits you best, i'll work with it ;)
And I'm a sucker for pretty eyes... but I think most girls are too.
Oh, and he has to smell good :)

Asian Mistress:
6ft. tall and above.
Broad shoulders.
Nice hands (maybe I'm weird, but, would you want someone with grubby fingers touching you? No.)
I go for short hair and clean shaven (though a little five o'clock shadow is acceptable sometimes.)
Slender with muscles (no LL Cool J is necessary, but a little Justin Timberlake will do the trick)
Dress it up in a Banana or J Crew sweater or button down with some Diesel jeans...or spend a rainy day in a t-shirt and sweats...either way makes me sweat!
The most attractive thing about any man though, is one who cares about his girl and shows a little consideration. As the gentlemen of CPMC can attest, it doesn't take much to say, hold a door for a lady or offer an umbrella - but it will create a lasting impression.

Lil DC Diva:

Tall. Taller than me. I'm 5'6.
In good physcial condition. I like a guy who takes good care of himself health-wise. I would love to have someone to work out with too. Oh, and I like muscles.
No earrings. No tattoos. Body decor and jewelry is a turn-off for me.
Short hair. I almost like the crew cut, almost. I like a little spike as well.
I am a sucker for tall, dark, and handsome. Brown hair, brown eyes. Never really been into blondes.
I love dark, mysterious eyes. To me it's like there is more to figure out about them.
Guys in suits. There is just something about the power suit that makes me melt. Especially if they are tall, dark, handsome, muscular, IN a power suit. HOT.
I like a bit of chest hair, but a clean shaven face and good hygenine. MUST smell nice. I love cologne.

Okay. So half of you are probably scorning us in disgust. Too picky. Shallow. Bratty. High-matience. Well you know what? My mother always said that physical attraction is key to holding a relationship together. We all have our certain perferences, but of course, are willing to look past them as well. Who knows? I might just end up marrying a tattooed infested, earring wearing, skinny guy with a mohawk. Preferences change and we fall for many other reasons outside looks. But for now, these seem perfectly reasonable and fitting.

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go

Peter, Paul & Mary couldn't have sang it any better... I am ready to go - to Wilmington, NC that is!

That's right, I'm leaving tonight via Independence Air flying to Raleigh and then driving to Wilmington :) I CAN NOT WAIT.

I'll be spending the next 5 days with 7 of my best girl friends (a collaboration of sorority sisters and dance team alum) from college.

See, my mother and her girlfriends from college do a "Girls Weekend Away" every year... And have been doing so for over 25 years - that's more than a quarter of a century! It keeps them in touch and she always comes back with fantastic stories and a renewed sense of friendship.

To follow the example, my girls and I are going to do the same thing! It's great because we're spread out all over the country (NC, NJ, IL, AZ... DC...) and don't get to see each other that often.

So, by this time tomorrow I plan to be on the beach with a cocktail in hand... Perhaps a little boat action on Saturday... and between bikini and night time I'm pretty much guaranteed to laugh off at least 5 pounds.

And all my bags are packed... yes, that's right I've got two suitcases. But every girl knows it's important to bring at least two or three outfits for each night you'll be out of town... It's impossible to plan outfits that far ahead - and plus you'll need to bring some to share. And don't even get me started on bikinis, shoes, purses, hair products & accessories! ;)

Also, I PROMISE to post lots of pics up for all to see when I get back. And I'll even try to write a little something while I'm there.

Bon Voyage!

***Unfortunately, I will be missing out on the ability to enjoy good company, great drinks and help out the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society by attending a Happy Hour for Cheryl Romero... But if you're not lucky enough to be at the beach all weekend, you should definitely check it out! (Click the above link for more information from A Girl In DC.)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My new favorite bad celebrity baby name

Well, it used to be Apple.

But now it's Penn (from Penn & Teller) Jillette's baby name...

Penn and his wife named their new daughter Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette. Apparently he gave this poor child the name so that "
when she's pulled over for speeding she can say, `But officer, we're on the same side...My middle name is CrimeFighter.'"

I mean, I guess it could be cool - and you would always have a good story to tell and an interesting fact to share about yourself.

I understand the need to give unique names out to children these days, I've often wished for a more uncommon name myself. But to be as outlandish as to name your kids after fruit or like superheros? Come on now, you're just setting your child up to be ridiculed in later years.

What's next? Naming kids after colors? sports? feelings? Can you imagine having to introduce yourself - saying "Hi, my name is Orange" or "Hey there, I'm Pole Vault" or "Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Anxiety" ???

Just something to think about...

Baby It Ain't Over Til It's Over...

So there is this guy that I dated (I use the term loosely) awhile back. He went to school at Brown, I went to school in Virginia...we just weren't geographically compatible. But, we did become very close and see each other on breaks for a little over a year. In the end, we just lost touch and haven't spoken much the past three years. It was a variety of factors, mainly that he stopped being online so much, he didn't have a cell phone, and well, I was still trying to make things work with my ex boyfriend from high school. I wasn't ready for another relationship yet. Frankly, I'm not even sure I can classify the Brown boy as a relationship.

So, now he's back. He's here for the summer doing an internship for graduate school. He's online again, and I send him an IM here and there to be friendly. "Hi, how are you, how is life?" That kind of thing. Sometimes we chit chat and other times he ignores me. It's those times he ignores me that burns. It's not that I want to really rekindle any flame, or to make him want me again, it's more that I feel I need closure. I want something good to come of it. It would be nice to be friendly with him. I don't know what the driving force is behind my need to see him again, but I know that it's definitely driving me crazy. I have to restrain myself from scaring him off, almost like it's a new crush I'm really excited about. But, the thing is, he's not new. Well, he's changed, as have I - and maybe that is what I want him to see. We've both grown up since freshmen/sophomore year of college. I think it would be nice to see what has developed.

I hope he comes around and will want to get together for drinks one night and catch up. I suggested we should and he agreed. Then he proceeded to cut the conversation short (damn people who actually WORK at work). He was probably just being polite. I will always think of him fondly no matter what happens, and hope that he thinks the same. For now though, I'll try not think about him too much, or make it into something it is not. Maybe I should just let it go and give up. But sometimes, don't you just have to wonder, what might have been?

Tonight: Rock The Vote!

Tonight I will be attending the 15 Year Anniversary Rock the Vote Awards Dinner at the National Building Museum.

Tickets are still available online, and funds go to the Rock The Vote Education Fund and 2005 campaigns to give young people a political voice. (Don't have the cash for the dinner? Attend the after party for just $25!)

In their 2004 campaign, Rock The Vote registered 1.4 million voters. Tonight, they will be honoring those who influenced the nation to get out and vote, including: Senator John McCain, Senator Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, The Black Eyed Peas, and Sarah Saheb.

The Awards Dinner will be followed by an after party at Dream and a performance by the Black Eyed Peas. Asian Mistress will be attending the after party as well!

And yes, Rock the Vote is down with the times. They even have their own blog!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Crackberry Nation

*A dear friend wrote the following story to be published directly to The Butterfly Network:

As a recent college grad, I’m new to the business world, and therefore I’m just being exposed to a little thing I like the call the Blackberry epidemic. Or rather, the Crackberry epidemic.

It all started on my first day of work when my new coworkers took me out for a congratulatory lunch. As I politely answered questions about school, graduation, and friends, I noticed that they periodically typed messages into a tiny handheld device. This was, keep in mind, in the middle of our conversation. As I rambled on about my life, their eyes glazed over, they peeked down into their laps and their thumbs began moving at a rapid pace across the tiny keyboards. I was astonished.

That was then.

A month later, I’ve come to live with and accept the Crackberry codependency that my colleagues suffer from. Not having one of the little buggers myself, though, I can’t help but wonder: are they really, really necessary?

Since when do we need to be in constant, up-to-the-second contact with people? Can’t these “urgent” emails and calls be addressed after the hour it takes to eat lunch? And since when is it acceptable to type an email to one person while having a face-to-face conversation with another? Doesn’t the combination of email, IM, and cell phones suffice? I’ve actually seen men typing away on their Crackberries while out to dinner with their girlfriends and wives.

I’ve had people tell me that they “can’t live without” theirs. Oh really? Cause you seemed to be managing perfectly fine when I knew you 6 months ago.

My coworkers keep telling me that one day, if I get a Blackberry, I’ll cross over to the “dark side.” I beg to differ. When it comes to keeping in contact with my coworkers, I prefer to live by the theory that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Endless Love

So, today my parents have been married for 31 years. He buys her flowers sometimes for no reason. They still hold hands when we go out to dinner. They cuddle on the couch when we watch movies at home. I try not to be bitter as I'm sitting there alone. Haha.

But, it really makes me think. We should all hope for a relationship like that. I guess the reason I have such a high standard for men is because my dad has set a good example for me. We should all be with the person who thinks we are amazing in any light, and will continue to feel that way in the long run. My best friend's grandfather visits his wife's grave every day, and brings her flowers and talks to her for hours. She passed away more than five years ago.

Love isn't always easy, and isn't always perfect. But sometimes, you can get by all of the rough spots and bumps in the road if you have the right person to stand by your side.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad...

No More Ho's In The White House, Please!

I found this on FishBowl DC and felt it was deserving of a mention. Ah, the media and their mistakes. This one was quite the unfortunate one.

Reminder: Catch of the Week

Ok, about a week ago Lil' posted about the butterflies branching out and how we'd like to start featuring a "Catch of the Week" each week. However, although our hopes were high, we have not received very many emails or suggestions (other than a few dirty pictures in emails and a self-nomination from DC Bachelor)!

While we can certainly have fun featuring our friends, or randoms that we meet out, we'd still like to get new peoples' names and faces out there! So come on people - Nominate someone for your Butterfly Catch of the Week!

Re-post of what Lil' wrote:

There are plenty of wonderful people out there in DC. And if you disagree, then you probably don't get out enough! The Butterfly Network would like to recognize some of Washington's finest. Over the next few weeks we will be taking requests and nominations for people who you feel should be recognized for their contributions, charities, hard work, personality, or any other fine quality they might possess! They can be a friend, family member, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend - anyone who you feel deserves a pat on the back and a toast! The person must live and/or work in the Washington area.

Email us at and tell us about this person.

Include: Name, age, occupation, awards/honors, community service, a picture, and anything else you want to say to sell us on why your special person deserves to be the Butterfly Catch of the Week! Please leave your name, contact, and your relation to this person.Winners will be annouced at the end of each week and will be recognized as our "Catch of the Week" on the Butterfly Network.

*This is all in good spirit and fun, as we felt we could get names and faces out there to people who deserve a little pat on the back for all they do :-)

Newt News

Last night, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich appeared on the Daily Show to promote his new book, "Never Call Retreat."

Does this butterfly think that Newt is testing the waters for a possible '08 run? Perhaps... we'll just have to wait and see what the tides will turn out for 2008 - I'm already predicting it to be a messy, messy election. Neither party has a strong candidate as of yet, and the country by then will certainly be ready for a change - no matter what your party ties.

Of course we must all remember that although Mr. Gingrich was a strong backer for reform with his Contract With America, he also has his "Bushism" moments as well. Remember this little gem?

"If combat means living in a ditch, females have biological problems staying in a ditch for 30 days because they get infections and they don't have upper body strength."

Said by none other than Newt himself. I believe the "infection" he is referring to would also be known as a "menstrual cycle." Besides, women aren't allowed in combat now as it is, and to top that - when was the last war we had where soldiers stayed in a ditch for 30 days?

Now, is this the kind of man that I want to be President? I don't think so.

Top 10 Signs You're a 20-Something

1. Your bank account a week after the first payday of the month reads $2.06.

2. You find yourself searching for other jobs. Not necessarily because you're unhappy, but because you are hoping someone will pay you $3,000 more a year to do "internet research." Also, while doing said "internet research" at your current job, you find you are Googling yourself.

3. You find yourself checking out hot guys, then are mortified when you realize they are probably 18. This is especially bad while driving by the Georgetown University campus.

4. A good portion of your morning is dedicated to emailing and IMing with your friends, sometimes creating threads up to 75 messages long. Thank God for gmail.

5. Speaking of, any cool 20-something has a gmail account. And Facebook. And Friendster. It's all about connections. And stalking ability.

6. You are constantly trying to "go out" and "meet new people" (aka hook up), but usually find yourself with the same two friends at the same bars complaining that there are no worthy prospects.

7. The contents of your fridge generally consist of: water, milk, beer, bread, ketchup, and some kind of fruit to pretend to be healthy. Even though it's probably moldy.

8. You belong to a gym. But you never go because you are too busy working, or too busy being hungover and grumbling about how after drinking all that beer, you should go to the gym.

9. You think you are too old to have random hook ups, and decree that there will be no more one night stands. But, when 2:30 am rolls around and you're looking at walking home alone, suddenly that doesn't seem like such a bad thing; you're still young, right?

10. You still get excited when you find that people are playing beer pong (or beirut) or flip cup. At least you can say you mastered something in college, and you remember it. Retention is key.

FYI: Kelly's Irish Times, the Angry Inch, and the Exchange all have flip cup. Phew!