Friday, June 03, 2005

The BIG 21!

Tonight I am taking my little sister, Liz, out for her 21st tonight! She wants Adams Morgan and I'm gonna give it to her... How about some Angry Inch, Tom Tom's, Madam's Organ... Maybe we'll start with some dinner at the Toledo Lounge... and I've never had a bad time at Chloe... I could go on as our choices are endless.

Ultimately the decision's up to Liz, but if you're in Adams Morgan tonight you've got a pretty good chance of seeing us crazy girls* out with our friends around the town :)

This evening is bound to bring me back to my wild and crazy college ways for sure! I'm half excited and half wondering if I'll come out alive because Lord knows it's hard for me to party like I used to... (Sigh, it was only a year ago...)

*Wish Lil' could come out, but she's sick and needs her rest...


At 1:30 AM, Blogger The Brunette said...

Ha! The Blonde and I were in Adams Morgan on Friday too! We were at Dan's and Angry Inch.

Though, I am never going back to Adams Morgan again

(every time I go there, something goes romantically afowl-

Time 1: Crush of the moment completely ignores me
Time 2: Different crush of the moment meets girl he is still currently dating
Time 3: First crush of moment doesn't come out, dearth of cute boys
Time 4: Miss call from new crush of the moment, end up not seeing him, nor seeing any attractive guys anywhere

I'm never going back!

At 8:39 PM, Blogger Morris said...

So who is she gonna pass out drunk with and fuck?

Ask Morris

At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how did the night go?

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Sara said...

Brunette, Sorry about your luck in Adams Morgan! There were lots of hotties at Madam’s Organ (which I never would have believed unless I’d seen them myself) although the bf was there so I was pretending not to look…

And the bartenders are awesome… you get quick service and if you’re nice they hook you up! Overall, it was crowded enough but I didn’t feel claustrophobic

Morris, my sister has way more class & integrity to do that. Her boyfriend took excellent care of her all night though.

Anon, the night went great! Although I wanted to give her a taste of all of Adam's Morgan, we ended up only staying at Madam's Organ, on the upper deck all night. She got wasted & had a great time... I got wasted and had (for the most part) a great time... And the bartender HOOKED IT UP... I bought many, many rounds of shots, beer and liquor drinks and my total tab was only $26...

I'll show her more of downtown soon, but it was a fantastic time :)

And I'll try to put some pics up eventually as well...


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