Friday, June 17, 2005

"Give me liberty or give me beer!"

So when's the last time YOU participated in a bar crawl?? Whether it's two years ago or two weeks ago (for me it's about 2 months ago) set aside Friday, July 1, and get ready to have some drunken* fun!

Because, my friends, it's the 10th Annual Midtown Liberty Bar Tour! (Self-proclaimed as DC's biggest Independence Day Celebration.) The festivities are sponsored by Lindy Promotions, DC101, & Budwesier. I
can pretty much guarantee that this will be a blast, if it compares to the Leprechaun Lap bar crawl that they hosted back in March... Lil & I were there and had a great time!

It's $10 if you bring 2 cans of food** or $13 if you don't. You can also purchase advanced tickets (for a separate line and quicker registration) HERE.

Basically, you register at Mackey's (1823 L St., NW) between 5 and 10. (The first 500 people get a "special giveaway".) You get $2 Bud, Bud Light, Bud Select bottles, $3 B to the E, and no cover at participating bars until midnight...

The participating bars include Black Rooster, Porters, Mackey's, Five, The Bottom Line, Vida, Recessions, Tequila Grill, Madhatter, Recessions, The Front Page, 4th Estate, Sign of the Whale, Singapore Bistro, and Rumors. (So, obviously, you must be 21 to participate...)


* You don't have to get drunk to have fun! In fact, there's a designated driver program available featuring free sodas.
**All food to benefit
Food & Friends


At 10:31 AM, Blogger Asian Mistress said...

I sadly will not be able to participate in this (though I did at Halloween and it was packed)...I will be in Kennebunkport, Maine over the 4th. But, I will be sure to have lots of lobsters & long islands to make up for it! And try my best to get a pic with Dubya if he's there at the Bush complex!


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