Wednesday, June 15, 2005

McFadden's for Girls Night

Sometimes you just need it. It's not juvenile or childish, just necessary. That special time when you spend time with only your female (or male) kind. It's rejuvinating. Too much of it is tiring, but to little leaves you craving more.

No matter what age, women will always have their "girls" night out. My mom is 56, and still has her five close "girlfriends" who frequently meet up for "girls" nights.

So here I am, 22, declaring my excitement and anticipation for my very own girls night ~ which is tonight.

Not that hanging with the fellas isn't fun as well, of course We love the men. But men would surely hate to be sitting at a gossipy gab fest, where we talk about shoes celebrities, people, each other, clothes, politics, and yes, even sports ~ amongst the cocktails, giggling, and dancing. It's hormone overdrive, but we just need it. It's a release.

Perfect example: Feeling bad, I informed one of my guy friends that we (the girls) would be making our way to McFadden's this evening. His response? "Um, is it all girls? I don't want to be the only guy..."

My point exactly. Guys are smart, they know we need these nights. My boyfriend even quickly goes into hiding when he knows the night is approaching, because I do exactly the same when he calls for a boys night of beer, sports, funny noises (i.e. burping and farting) and whatever else a "boys" night consists of. But I don't even care to know what does go on during "boys" night out, because I have occasional special nights out my female kind, we all do and we all need it, admit it! :-)


At 4:54 PM, Blogger Sara said...

see you out there soon :)

At 5:07 PM, Blogger Swamp Pundette said...

what is that drink?


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