Monday, June 20, 2005

TBN's Celebrity Update!

Which rapper does Lindsay Lohan have her eyes on?

We can't help it. Celebs are just too much fun to talk about. A dear friend of mine wrote the following article to be published directly to The Butterfly Network, so bring on the gossip:

Tinsletown is heating up big time for the summer and the celebrity gossip is in full effect.

Of course the number one thing that everyone is talking about is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Last weeks engagement shocked many people by saying maybe this is not a publicity stunt. (I still think it is a publicity stunt, but you never know what will happen in Hollywood, so stay tuned.) So not only is Tom Cruise off the market again, but he also had a weird run in with a “reporter” prankster today at his London Premiere of his War of the Worlds movie. The “reporter” who was interviewing Cruise on the red carpet, used a gimmick microphone that actually squirted him in the face. Personally, I think it is quite humorous, yet rude at the same time. Cruise handled himself very nicely as he repeatedly told the “reporter” that he was a jerk. Check out how Cruise took care of the situation at

The past 2 months, both Katie and Tom have been on cloud 9, but so far this week, they are both not having that much luck! Not only did Tom get a squirt in the face with a fake microphone, Katie just found out that Warner Bros. were not pleased with her performance in Batman Returns. They are happy with everyone else’s performance except for Katie’s, and so for the upcoming sequel they are looking for a “much stronger actress.” OUCH. Huge burn!

The beautiful face of Leonardo DiCaprio has been tampered with, OH NO! Saturday night around 4 a.m., DiCaprio was leaving Rick Solomon’s (Paris Hilton’s ex and the genius behind “One Night in Paris”) party, and a crazy lady who was apparently looking for her ex boyfriend hit him across the head with a broken beer bottle. That sure is a buzz kill if I do say so myself. DiCaprio received 12 stitches and the police are going to further investigate the situation.

Apparently black guys love Lindsay Lohan. No, I am dead serious. In the new Elle Magazine, Lohan raves about all the hot African American artists who are interested in not only her, but her work as an entertainer. Such artists are 50 cent, P Diddy, and Damon Dash. She is not interested in any of these men though, because she has her eye on Eminem. Lohan, we all know you are hot stuff and your career is better then ever, but I wouldn’t let it go to your head.

*Sources - NY Post, 99.5 Hollywood Hot Sheet


At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good picutre of Lindsay. Too bad she's about 1/2 that size now.

At 3:43 PM, Blogger V said...

This was very enjoyable to read. That's cool you have a friend in the celeb mucking biz.

I would like to add that I believe that "TomKat" is a rouse that the Kat is not clued into (which is sad). I also think Tom is gay gay gay and on coke coke coke.


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