Friday, July 01, 2005

As One Butterfly Spreads Her Wings... Another Emerges From Her Cocoon!

As One Butterfly Spreads Her Wings...

We have absolutely loved having Asian Mistress as a butterfly. But, alas, all guest butterflies must, at some point, spread their wings and begin their own blogs. So we would like to introduce Asian Mistress' new blog: City Sparkle.

Her tagline: "Why City Sparkle? My sparkling personality of course! I'm smart, sexy, silly, sweet, sarcastic, scandalous, and single! You may love me, and you may hate me - but somewhere along the line I promise to entertain you."

So check out City Sparkle! The Butterfly Network ladies are sure to be avid readers :)

Another Emerges From Her Cocoon!

As Asian Mistress flies away, we would also like to welcome our newest butterfly, The Celebutante as she breaks from her cocoon into the blogosphere! The Celebutante is a near and dear friend of Lil & myself from all the way back in high school. She's always up to date with the latest celebrity gossip and I'm sure her witty banter will keep you entertained as it has done for Lil and me for years!



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