Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm Going To Miss You, D.C.

My time is almost up. As I close one chapter in my life and begin another, I have found myself sitting back and reflecting on what I am going to miss most about DC. Aside from friends and family of course, this is my home. And like that old saying goes, home is where the heart is, and I feel like I am leaving my heart behind!

So, what am I going to miss the most about this area? Oh, many many things:

1. Redskins. First thing is first, this is my team. People have come to me in the past few weeks saying, "Oh, you better become a Giants/Jets fan when you get up there." As if! I don't care where I live or how disappointing a season we have, I'm 13 years a fan and going strong!
2. The Nationals. Okay, so now I look like a sports junkie, I know. But I can't help it, I have fallen in love with a baseball team that I can call my own. As I get lost in the world of Yankee crazies, it will be impossible to stray from our promising team. (I even have a ball signed by one of the original Senators! Score!)
3. Jumbo Slice Pizza. I know there are a zillion pizza joints in NYC, but there is only one that I choose to note in DC. How can you go wrong with a huge slice of pizza or few from this place? It's perfect after a night out in Adams Morgan, and so convenient located right next to Tom Tom's. So much for dieting!
4. Elliot in the Morning. DC 101. Elliot has saved my commute to work. Without it, I'd be forced to listen to the overly cheery and lame folks at HOT 99.5, although I do love the Hollywood Hot Sheet. Elliot, Diane, and the rest of the class have been my saving grace during the rechid DC commute. If only they had an afternoon show...
5. July 4th. I've spent many 4th of July's here. Iwo Jima, the Pentagon, the Potomac River. There is just something different about celebrating the 4th in our nation's capital. I'm proud I was able to have the experience for so many years.
6. Wednesday nights at McFadden's. So its not an upscale bar. Whatevs. You can't go wrong guzzling down dollar drinks with your best girlfriends after a day at work. Beats any night out at a posh joint with over-priced drinks and unfriendly faces giving you the once-over. (Side note: SEE YOU THERE TONIGHT!)
7. Georgetown shopping. There is nothing better than spending a day walking the streets of Georgetown, even if you are just window shopping. Who said DC didn't know fashion? Okay so, maybe much of the population here are fashion victims, but if ONLY they would take a stroll thorough the shops here and buy something other than a black or navy blue suit, maybe, just maybe, we might look a little more colorful in our fashion sense.
8. People watching at Dupont. I love walking through the circle and looking at all the different people who are looking at all the other people. I love the diversity and energy of DC, and I know NY will have that too, but in a place that I am so familiar, its nice to see that we don't all look like robots. (Although I do sometimes question that walking down M Street.)
9. The Monuments. Oh geez, so lame and cliche, you say. Au contreir! Any one who thinks that driving over the Memorial Bridge or around any of the Monuments isn't breathtaking, get your eyes checked. People travel from all over the world to come here, and we are right in the middle of it every single day and pay no mind. We rudely honk at the obscnenely large Tour mobiles as a welcoming chant to the overzealous tourists. Actually, we just honk at everyone. Welcome to DC, bitch! Now get the f*ck outta my way!

Maybe it'd be good for us to stop and smell the coffee once in a while. I just did, and this is one cup I'm truly going to miss.

*This list is a reflection of my personal favorites based on experiences and by no means reflects that of any other the butterflies, bloggers, or haters for that matter. If you don't like it, piss off and have a happy hater day!


At 10:10 AM, Blogger The Captain said...

Well, of course I'm going to agree with the first two, given our blog theme and all.

I must however, boo your choice of Elliot in the Morning. He sucks, has an annoying laugh, and tries to hard to be like Howard Stern. At least from the bits and pieces I've heard.

Stick with Stern and Don & Mike. Funny shows. Heck, you'll be in New York, Stern's home city.

Good luck up there. Remember to let those Giants/Mets fans know about it when the Washinton teams are stomping them.

At 10:38 AM, Blogger I-66 said...

Bravo, and Hail to The Redskins!

Sorry to say I won't be making it to McFaddens to bid you farewell but you have my well wishes - so long as you pledge to never wear anything with a Yankee logo on it.


...and how can you knock her choice of Elliot? I don't particularly care for either he or Stern but I'm not saying either of them suck...


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