Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another Lake Story

As you may or may not know, I've started running 4 times a week (well, sometimes 3) around the lake behind my house. I'm determined to get in shape - as I've already signed up for the flag football team at my new job (although I don't start until September 6). Well, had I been running this whole year, I would never have needed to think up new material for the butterfly network. I find something new to write about every time that I run around it!

I was pissed yesterday, for personal reasons, which apparently is good to run with because I shaved 4 minutes off of my time around... But that's neither here nor there. The real story actually takes place during one of my walking segments.

I usually go by this pretty, pleasantly plump, older girl, I notice her each time because she's one of the few females who will smile back at me and she has a really pretty face. She stopped when she saw me walking and had something that she wanted to say to me. Here's how the conversation went:

Girl: Hey, I have a question for you!
Sara: OK, what's up?
Girl: What high school did you go to?
Sara: Robinson, why? Did you got here?
Girl: Oh no, but I just think that my little brother would be perfect for you.
Sara (thinking that, for the amount of times that stuff like this happens to me, I must have a sign somewhere shouting out that I'm single): Um, hmm... Uh...
(what exactly was I supposed to say here?)
Girl: Listen, he's really cute and really smart. He's actually really popular too!
Sara: (thinking, popular? I haven't heard that phrase since... oh no): How old is your brother?
Girl: He's going to be a senior at {a rival} high school!
Sara (chuckling): Um, and how old do you think I am?
Girl: What, like 16 or 17?
Sara: I'm going to be 24 in a few weeks.

It turns out that she had really asked me, "what high school do you go to" not "what high school did you go to". See the difference?

Anyway, she was embarassed and we had a good laugh, as she's only three years older than me. It turns out her little brother has a bad habit of dating trashy girls and since she always sees me running, she wanted to try to set him up with someone healthy looking...

Great. So, I get mistaken for a 16-year-old? This has happened a couple times in the past two years. (Like when I went shopping for a dress for my sorority formal, my last year of college, and the saleswoman couldn't believe I wasn't shopping for prom because, according to her, I couldn't be a day older than 17 - I was 22.) I guess it doesn't matter and it's certainly better than when a coworker asked me a few weeks ago if I was 30 or not. I guess I had just been under the (apparently mistaken) impression that I fill a sports bra out better than a teenager. Dammit. So much for that theory.


At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sara......sounds like running is not only a healthy way to pass the time, but it also seems to be pretty entertaining! Keep it up.

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Pretty in Pink said...

I get that kind of stuff all the time at work..."Oh, you're not 30? You're like what 28?" Ummm, no thanks I'm 24. People always say they think I'm older because I'm very responsible, professional and blah blah blah...I guess I need to invest in some wrinkle cream?

At 9:58 AM, Blogger I-66 said...

I know the feeling.. I'm 24 and get told I look somewhere between 16-18 most times. Hell, you've probably seen the pictures. It has its perks... me and a young-looking (same age as me, though) female friend went to a movie and got the HS student rate without the dude behind the counter even asking how old we were. She started to say something but I nudged her and she shut up. I said "if he'd asked my age I would've told him, but since he gave the discount without having the common courtesy to ask, they deserve to be taken"

At 10:02 AM, Blogger I-66 said...

oh, last one I promise... one night some years ago I was in the mall (21 at the time) and a girl came in the store and started talking to me. Shortly into conversation she asked my age and I told her. She was a little older than me and expressed disbelief at my age, saying "you look about 16"

Ok. So I look 16. You're over 21 and you're trying to get my phone number. Perhaps people should just ask someone's age instead of making the assumption?

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Dutchess said...

Wow! Do you think that guy on the BB court from last week thought you were 16 too? perv! :-)

All these potential dates are inspiring me to start running. Flag Football is so much fun - havent played since college. They have teams here?

At 11:04 AM, Blogger RHB said...

Yeah, I got ID'd when I tried to buy a n R rated movie at Wal-Mart. I just smiled, laughed and showed the 15 year old cashier my ID. What are ya gonna do right?

At 11:20 AM, Blogger roosh said...

hmm nothing like this happens when i run

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Asian Mistress said...

Hahaha it's OK - at least she thought you were good enough for her darling lil bro!

One time I was walking out to my car from my apartment and I had my car keys in hand and a woman says to me, "Oh, did you just get your license?" I think I just smiled and said, "um, no."

Yeah...I was 21 at the time.

But whatever. :)

At 12:31 PM, Blogger DC Cookie said...

Did you sign up for the Army 10-miler by chance? I'm supposed to run in that. Oct. 2.

I get mistaken for a college recruit from the people I'm going to be interviewing (I'm 7 years their senior). But honestly - I LOVE it!!! It's never a bad thing to look young.

At 12:36 PM, Blogger The Captain said...

Sara, when you hit your mid thirties, you're going to kill for someone to make a mistake like that. I'm pretty sure we all will, unless we age like Sean Connery.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Sleepy Girl said...

This same thing happened to me two days ago...not while running, but while shopping at Kohl's. The cashier asked me if I wanted to apply for a Kohl's charge card, and I declined. Then another random lady in line asked me if I was old enough to even have a credit card. I said yes, and she told me I looked 16. I then informed her I was 23, and she went on about how it's great to look young. Well, I don't think it's so great right now, but I'm sure it will be later in life. I just don't get why people always have to inform us randomly that we look so young...was it really any of that lady in line's business? No, but I'll take it as a compliment.

At 2:19 PM, Blogger VP of Dior said...

Everyone tells me that I look very young and always ask me what high school I currently attend. I'm 23 for christ's sake. I have graduated from COLLEGE and am an adult.

One funny story, I took my 17 yr old brother to the mall and he saw one of his female friends. She looked at me with a smirk and asked, "Do you go to Hylton High?". I looked right into her 17 yr old face and said, "No little girl, I'm an adult and you better be glad I don't go to your high school."

At 3:02 PM, Blogger The Blonde said...

You went to Robinson? Ah ha, you are a fellow Northern Virginian!

I never get mistaken for someone younger, but I NEVER have anyone try to set me up, so I think its a fair trade.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger I-66 said...

friendly Blonde, are you trying to tell us you want to be set up?

At 3:47 PM, Blogger DCDietDiva said...

It's ok. People always think I'm 16-18 and my boobs are big enough for their own zip code.

At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think running at the lake is starting to have more benefits than you expected. Great story.
The youngest someone has ever said I looked was 24 (I'm 29).

At 9:17 AM, Blogger DCSportsChick said...

The older I get, the more I wish someone would tell me I look younger (I've always been told I look older). You're lucky :-)

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Crazy Girl City said...

At least she thought you were a healthy looking 16 year old!

I get crap like that all the time. I'm almost 30 and people swear I am 19 or 20. I was in some pool hall a few weeks ago and these college guys started chatting up with us. They wanted to know where we got our fake id's to get in. I asked what they were talking about. The one guy replied that he knew there was no way I was older than 19. Ha.


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