Friday, August 12, 2005

I miss you, homeslice

I've been pretty idle in the blogging world recently. I'd have to say that moving to NYC, starting my new job, and adjusting to the lifestyle would pay a toll! Nonetheless, I have not forgotten my fellow peers. And I'd like to say one thing: I MISS DC!

I've been here three weeks so far. Here is a quick recap:

Week One: Stepping out of Penn Station was like an immigrant coming to the US through Ellis Island. I was flushed with joy and anticipation of the opportunities that NYC would give me. I became the ultimate tourist. I "did" Times Sqaure. David Letterman. The Improv. Bed NY. SoHo. TriBeCa. Canal Street. I was having a blast - and I was by myself! I was so excited I paid no mind to the horrible smells, dirty subways, and some of the largest rats on the face of this earth. Really. They are better fed than my two dogs.

Week Two: The blissful tourist chic runs out of speed, and a new outlook of the city overtakes the old outlook. What is that horrid smell while I walk to work? It smells like a farm, but its the city. Eww! Manure. Urine. Horses and carriages = not as glamorous as they look in the movies. The smell will kill you. The subway, my god, when is the last time they cleaned the metal poles and windows? I'm afraid to touch anything! Yeeks, some homeless person just declared to everyone that he is HIV positive and needs food and money. Time Square has become a place I want to stay FAR away from - the overzelaous tourists flood the streets. I walk down the street and get hoots and hollers (typical - but WAY more than usual.) I'm beginning to feel that the bigger the city the lonlier it is. Then it hits me. I miss my home. I miss my friends. I miss the cleaner streets of DC and the more "yuppie" crowd. I walk up my street heading for home right off Broadway and see two of my neighborly rats scurry in my path. I scream in disgust. I've had enough.

Week Three
: I'm becoming immune to the dramatic homeless people on every street corner. I feel horrible for that - but what else can I do? Give them money? I can barely afford to live for myself, let alone pay a homeless tax to those who will take it and use it for drugs and booz. Thank god for my iPod or I would never be able to block everything I see and hear on the subway. At least it gets me to where I need to go quick and cheap. I'm making friends at work, so I find myself staying at work much longer than usual - at least 12 hour days, because I feel most comfortable there. If I could, I'd work 24 hours. It's becoming my safety net. Going out is okay, I feel that people talk up the NYC night life, but you know what? Its not about where you are, its about who you're with. And without my friends, I could be at the coolest club, and its still sucks. Quality, not quantity, people. NYC has over 20,000 bars and resurants, yet without a close knit group to go to these places with, its awful. Now I am not saying Im a homebody and havent made the best of where I am, of course I am doing that. It just takes time to adjust, we all know this. But the rats, the rats man, I'll never adjust to that.

So I've decided that I need a dose of home. I'll be back in DC next weekend. Chinatown bus type. What can I say? I ride in style! Have a great weekend DC! I miss you!


At 3:02 PM, Blogger Linz said...

Lil, you should try the Washington Deluxe Bus, or Vamoose...they are a bazillion times better than the Chinatown variety ;o)

and i hear ya on the "quality, not quantity" thing... word.

At 8:58 PM, Blogger Asian Mistress said...

We miss you too!!!!!!!!!!


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