Thursday, August 17, 2006

Loooove Connection

So now that I have this whole "logging in" thing down...let's get down to business. My business. A lot has happened in the past fews days (or shall I say dates?) and I feel compelled to share.

As you may know, Sara is in a wonderful relationship right now. I really think this is it for her. While I have never met the handsome fellow, I have personally called him and talked to him on the phone -- and 100 percent approve. Sara and I have been through our share of terrible men, so when one of my best friends finds a man that can make her this happy (and I have never seen her like this) - then I couldn't be happier as well!

And then there is me. My past relationships have been a firey trainwreck. First, my first love - we dated on and off for five years. He cheated. Then, my first boyfriend in college - he cheated. Finally, my most recent disaster (although its been a year now) - he cheated and is now dating a former friend. Of course I am better off without those bastards, but is it so wrong to wish for the right one to come along after have these awful, abusive relationships? I've been on a loosing streak since HIGH SCHOOL.


I haven't given up. I've come to realize that I've just picked the wrong men for me. And Sara has helped me realize that all these unfortunate things that have happened to me in my past relationships are only stepping stones to lead me to the one who actually WILL treat me right.

So in that case, bring on the men!

I've recently thrown myself into the fiesty sea of online dating. I have date #2 this coming weekend with "Harry"...(see
my first posting)I am surely looking forward to that date (we decided on a movie.) At a magazine party this past Tuesday I met a handsome gentleman we will call "Brandon". Brandon works in finance (like every other NYC guy) and coincidentally (and somewhat convient) I found out he lives in my SAME apartment building. Had I not lived in NYC I would have been shocked and probably put some underlying meaning to meeting a guy at a posh party who happens to live in my building. But I've learned that you can run into ANYONE living here, and running into someone who lives in your building is likely to happen. Anywho, Brandon and I seemed to "hit it off"...and I put that in quotes because when there is alcohol involved, you can hit it off with anyone. I gave him my number, he gave me his. It will be intesting to find out if he takes the initiative to actually call me. I've decided if I don't hear from him in a week I will call and invite him out to a bar with my friends (that idea I got from Glamour magazine.)

So instead of sulking around and crying about what could have been, I am looking forward to what will be...if not with the guys mentioned above I know with someone and I am willing to wait -- for I know it will be WELL worth it! :-)


At 10:53 PM, Blogger Asian Mistress said...

I think I def need to come visit you and we can meet lots of hot "finance" guys heheh.

I miss you Magsie!!!!!

At 11:36 PM, Blogger Sara said...

hehe. you are too sweet :) but yes, he's wonderful.

And I can't wait to hear all about your dating escapades - until you meet whom you're supposed to... And you will!!!


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