Monday, August 21, 2006

Welp, That's A Wrap...I think!

You are probably sick of hearing about my dating escapades by now. Welp, its my blog and I'll cry if I want to.

Or maybe I am just being premature in my thinking...I don't know.

So "Harry" and I had a great second date, and the next night he invited me to a baseball game. We went, had a blast, got coffee and breakfast after the game, shared kisses, held hands, and had another wonderful night. Date number three was just as fun as dates number one and two.

I felt a great connection with him. From the first date we had just clicked. I know its only been three dates and realize it takes MUCH more to get to really know a person, but things seem to be on a great track.

I haven't spoken to him since Saturday night but we've very very briefly spoken on IM. Both times I IM'ed him. Both times his response was that he was going to bed. That was that. Not 'how was your day' or 'when can I see you' or even a simple 'hi'...

Now I dont expect him to jump up and scream my name and profess his love to me. That would freak me out! But I feel that if he wants to continue what we have started...the past two days he gets a F for effort. His contact with me went from very intense to very minimal...which is very up and down...and not acceptable in my book.

It could very well be that he isnt interested anymore, but seeming out we left off on Saturday night (waited for my subway to come, passionately kissing me goodnight)... I was left with butterflies in my stomach!! (For the first time in a long time)

This is the part where dating gets annoying AND complicated. This is where I start thinking and analyzing way too much, protecting my feelings and my emotional stability from even the slightest mishap. This is what ALWAYS happens to me when I start liking someone!! I freak out and get paranoid and don't know what to do, and I feel that he can see my thoughts over IM and know that I am liking him and freaking out about it.

I need a vacation. Not a man!

I'll be on vacy for the next few days...enjoying and remembering why its FABULOUS to be single and stress free!

Three strikes...errr dates...and I'm OUT!


At 1:09 AM, Anonymous jessicasmith143 said...

you and i are so much alike! reading your blogs crack me up but at the same time im like what the helll thats so me! you are like me on the east coast i swear!


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