Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm Over IT!!!! we went on hiatus for a while....and who knows....we might do it again. But today I actually have a few minutes to vent, err, write...about some things.

For the first time in a while, I'm sick in bed and doing absolutely nothing. Its weird. Living in NYC you don't have time to sit in bed and do nothing, and now that I find myself in this position, what better thing to do than mend to our poor and failing blog?

And today not only am I a woman sick with a bad cold or flu or whatever has crept under my skin, I am whole-heartedly, completely, and utterly sick of men. My experiences here the past year and a half have turned me into one cynical, negative, and doubtful 23 year old. I admit that its pathetic and sad, but when it comes to men, I just GIVE THE F UP.

I'm not even looking for a boyfriend. I was over that a long time ago. But what I do look for as a smart, educated, pretty young a little damn respect. And that, my friends, I have failed to receive as well.

A perfect example would be this past Wednesday. This handsome feller I met at a trader party back in July or August called me to hang out. We've hung out a few times before and have always had fun. Last time we hung out we shared our first kiss. Our friendship that was developing had a lot of potential and I could feel sparks from both sides. I don't have much expectations anymore, but when I called him back he told me he wanted to discuss something with me before we hung out. ("Jesus Christ what the hell could it be now?" is what I was thinking) Ohhh welp, he is currently dating someone. Fine. We could still be friends, right? So I got off work and went over to his place to continue our "discussion", yet instead, he wasn't in for more discussing. The sleezeball made a bee-line for my lips and tried to kiss me. I jerked myself away and asked what the hell that was about. He then further informed me that he didn't see "us" going anywhere, but that he would like to hook up with me on the side. Without his girlfriend knowing. Never in my LIFE have I been made to felt so trashy and disrespected. I've deleted his number from my phone, and him from my life.

But that's not even the end to this hellacious week. I woke up this morning to have one missed call from my cute neighbor friend. We've kissed a couple times and nothing more, but I have to wonder what signal I give off when the message he left me at 2am last night said, "Ashley...its Mike...I'm booty calling you. Why? Because I'm going crazy. So call me back, and if not, call me tomorrow to make fun of me."

Again, another number, deleted.

I've tried online sucks. They all want booty. I won't give it. They stop calling.

Then there is the fling I had with a boy I went to high school with. Every time I came home, we'd see each other. His current lack of communication and interest in me has lead to yet another deletion.

I don't get it. I'm not an uniteresting person. I don't hook up with random people. I'm far from a slut. I put myself out their in the dating world only to get burned and burned and burned to the point where I am sick in bed and don't want to get out.

So if anyone has a remedy for the poor girl sick in bed with MENingitus, please let her know. She's tired of the sleezeballs that have caused her to come down with such a sickness.